On Adding Whimsical Snail Mail Stickers

Today we are having fun with a nod to these whimsical snail mail stickers. They are refreshingly simple in their layout yet really effective!  I’m seeing these as a perfect “snail mail alert” when adding to an envelope alerting the recipient.

On adding whimsical snail mail stickers by poconostickerco

Before beginning, I’m cognizant that when we are back on Wednesday, it will be with us closing out the month of June! And as sharing in the previous post, it also closes out the second quarter and the entire first half of 2021!  With that said, my post on Wednesday I’m really excited about sharing with a really fun topic and perfect for ending the month of June!

PoconoSticker Co, out of Stroudsburg, PA

These stickers by the PoconoStickerCo are $3.50 for two sheets in one of the five colors listing and are handmade. A really nice touch is they are available with FREE shipping!   

The primary color options are Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Mint; size is the 1.25-inch in diameter. 

From her Etsy shop, I’m including this description:

“Hand drawn/ designed stickers! Each order contains 2 sticker sheets and has a total of 30 stickers. A cute little addition to your letters, cards, or for your own small business packaging…”

Snail Mail Sticker MultiPack PoconoStickerCo
Image © PoconoStickerCo Multi-color Pack Snail Mail Stickers

In addition, the PoconoStickerCo Snail Mail Stickers are available in a Multi-Color Pack of one sticker sheet in each of the five colors mentioning above, a total of 75 stickers, for $8.75.

If you find yourself getting onto the road early for the upcoming July 4th travel safe! In the meantime, here’s to having a bit of whimsy with our letter-writing goodies!

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