Celebrating 4th of July Cachets

As we celebrate Independence Day it is fun sharing these 4th of July Cachets from 1932, 1944, and 2016!

My sincere thanks to stamp club buddy Jimmy Jordan for sharing the images of them from his personal collection.

Before beginning, finding envelope cachets for the 4th of July along with the cancel date of July 4 takes some doing, given the Post Office is closed on the Federal Holiday.

Several weeks ago I reached out to Jimmy asking if he had any 4th of July Cachets.

celebrating 4th of july cachets

Celebrating 4th of July Cachets

Jimmy was able to share these three Wilmington covers for the 4th of July.

“July 4 1932 – The alternating red and blue border signifies Air Mail but I have been unable to find any info on a “special flight”. It may just be a generic air mail envelope.

July 4 1944 – WW2 Patriotic Cover produced by Richard Boone of Wilmington NC. Boone produced over 600 different Patriotic covers during the war years.

July 4 2016 – Jimmy Jordan produced cachet recognizing Richard Boone with Richard Porcelli designed and Wilmington Philatelic Society sponsored Wilmington NC special pictorial cancel.

Previously, the 2016 Cachet was in a blog post in 2016. Jimmy, Richard, and myself all serve on the Board of the Wilmington Philatelic Society here in North Carolina.

Cachet Definition on an Envelope

In case you are not familiar with the term, this definition from Linn’s, they explain it nicely.

“Cachet: In French, cachet means a stamp or a seal. On a cover, the cachet is an added design or text, often corresponding to the design of the postage stamp, the mailed journey of the cover, or some type of special event. Cachets appear on modern first-day covers, first-flight covers and special-event covers.”

Whether your plans today find you having a family cookout, being at the beach, or enjoying a baseball game wishing you and your family a joyous 4th of July!

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Addendum: Individual images of each cachet added to accompany the above description section (07/06/21 HR)



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