The Signature Detective Paperweights book

Discovering this book on Paperweights with the lead title of The Signature Detective is exciting to me. It is especially so seeing the paperback is so recent as 2018! Currently, a lot of the books I have on paperweights are NOT as recent as this one.  In addition, I’m really happy seeing the pricing for it at the $20 price point.

the signature detective field guide paperback

The full title of the book is “The Signature Detective: A FIELD GUIDE TO GLASS PAPERWEIGHT ARTISTS, HOUSES, AND STUDIOS & THE IDENTIFICATION OF THEIR ARTWORKS” by Rick and Pam Pfliger. One of the online sites I’m finding available is Amazon here.

“This is a handbook for identifying the signatures of glass paperweight artists in North America. An expanding edition that embodies an ongoing effort. A database online has been created to aid the adding and editing of the resource so editions can be released as more is learned.”

Another thing I am really enjoying seeing in looking at the online preview of it is the Key To Abbreviations. I’m seeing that it is a publication funded by the Paperweight Collectors Association.  The dimensions for it is 8.5 x 11 inches and 185 pages.

Collectors Guide to Paperweights bookIncluded among some of my previous blog posts on paperweights, includes these two: “Collectors Guide to Paperweights book” from February 17, 2017, and “The Art of the Paperweight, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company”, July 27, 2018. 

Boston and Sandwich Glass Company - The Art of the PaperweightI’m going to be ordering this book and hope it will help me with identifying some of my paperweights and looking forward to what I discover about them. In the meantime, see you back here on Sunday!

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