Kindred Spirit Mailbox Postcard Bird Island, NC

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox Postcard Bird Island, NC is greeting us and I’m excited to be mailing some out to a few friends too!

There is an upcoming day trip I am excitedly looking forward to this next weekend over to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island, North Carolina! Earlier this spring I was able to pick up at the Blue Crab Festival some postcards featuring it along with some memo pads by OurCarolinaShore website.  The photos by Gerry & Pat Monaco are beautifully done. 

It has been almost six years since I first wrote about Discovering the Kindred Spirit Mailbox (September 25, 2015) watching about it on North Carolina Weekend.

Kindred spirit Mailbox Postcard Bird Island, NC

First of all, over at their website,, you’ll find among their Carolina gallery of photos, under Sunset Beach, it will then show, Kindred Spirit/Bird Island. Among that gallery are beautiful photos they have taken of the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. And it is set up for ordering prints of photos from the photo collection. There is even the option for ordering items with it on key chains, bookmarks, coasters, and a wall calendar.

Next, in preparing for my upcoming outing this next weekend, I’ll be reaching out to them in advance. The postcard they have at their booth I’m not finding online; however, I know there must be a way to order more of them. I’ll be sure to circle back here with ordering details!  Have fun exploring what is in your “own backyard” this summer.

Furthermore, I am so excited to discover it is less than two hours away! To make the trek there and upon arriving then walk in the sand to the mailbox. It is my understanding it is about a half-hour each way from the parking lot to it. Taking my turn to jot a few thoughts to include in the lined notebook and put them into the mailbox.

Just north of the South Carolina border, over in North Carolina, you will see on the google map below Sunset Beach with the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island

Here’s to a fun week ahead as we find ourselves with two more weeks in July!  See you back here on Wednesday!

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P.S. Here’s a photo I’m enclosing showing the Forever Seashells Postcard stamp on them, along with the notepad. 



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