Best Pens for AnchoredScraps Printables

It is a real treat sharing my Best Pens Test for AnchoredScraps Printables including side by side view of using two different papers and printer methods. The difference in the papers DOES affect the testing of the pens!

One is using my home printer with Advantage Premium Bright paper from Costco and the other is printed at my local UPS Store with their Mohawk paper.  On purpose, I chose from the large selection of pens and pencils already on hand that I thought would be easy for you to be able to get yourself very affordably. 

All of these images I’m sharing today are with having the paper printed on both sides as the printable has a front and back!  Of course, if printing on just ONE side it would not matter as much if the pen bled through the paper, however, I like knowing what I’m using is flexible letting me use on either single-sided or doubled-sided generally.


Here’s a Side by Side View Best Pens Test for AnchoredScraps Printable

side by side view Best Pens test for AnchoredScraps Printables
side by side view Best Pens test for AnchoredScraps Printables

First of all, the paper from Costco is FINE for everyday use! In the image I’m showing of them side-by-side wanting to show the most noticeable thing to me is the Mohawk paper color is more intense. Also, the paper when it has been printed on the color copier on both sides takes on a wonderful magazine gloss to it.  With the printable images, I did use the back of the printable to allow for more room for writing on them. 

Secondly, the printable is My Summer Adventures So Far, which I recently shared in my August 1, 2021 blog post, On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals with a dog sniff & kiss.

Here is the My Summer Adventures So Far printable using my printer at home with the paper from Costo

home printer paper from costo
using home printer _ the paper is from Costco Advantage Premium Bright 24# 97 bright

My home printer is an HP OfficeJet 5258. The paper is from Costco, Advantage Premium Bright 24# 97 bright. 

Next, here are images of my printable printed at the local UPS Store using Mohawk Paper

local ups store using mohawk paper
local ups store using Mohawk Color Copy 98 Brilliant White Smooth 28#

My sincere thanks to my local UPS Store in Wilmington who did the printing for me and sent me the image of the paper SKU details! Paper is Mohawk Color Copy 98 Brilliant White Smooth 28#. If you were to find at your UPS store it is not what is used, it is my understanding this paper can be requested – and it may take a few days for them to get it, but should be able to with no additional costs. 

My preference is to have my printables color copies made by my local UPS Store. By having them make the color copies with their Mohawk paper I find their quality superior! It also works out to cost less this way.

Pens & pencils I used for Best Pens Test for AnchoredScraps Printable

Although all of the details of the items I used for the pens and pencil I did write out and label them 1 – 8 in the images, I’m including the text here too.

There are eight items I used for my test from items I had on hand. They are easy for finding online with reasonable pricing. I’m going ahead and including links to 1-7; however, 8 was a gift given to me and I’ll have to find out the source from my friend another time.

  1. Sharpie Fine Point blue,
  2. Sharpie S-Gel 0.7 mm medium blue,
  3. Crayola brand No 2 pencil with colorful eraser,
  4. Zig Writer Memory System Dual-Tip Markers 0.5 mm and 1.2 mm in teal,
  5. Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen black,
  6. Baoke Metallic pen gold MP 550, chose the color because it goes so well with the printable colors
  7. PaperMate Profile 1.4 B (bold) ballpoint, and
  8. personalized pencil which was given to me as a gift (it is part of a set of 12 of them!)

Findings from my Best Pens Test for AnchoredScraps Printable

In conclusion, of the eight items I was trying out, only three bled through. Specifically, items 1, 4 bled on the Costco paper and Mohawk paper; it was less for item 4 on the Mohawk paper. Item 5 – the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen – bled on the Costco paper; however, it was fine for the Mohawk paper. I will shy away from using Sharpie on double-sided paper and using 1.2 mm end of the dual tip Zig. 

Furthermore, IF I’m only printing on ONE SIDE of the paper then any of these are fine.

As far as smoothness, I really like the PaperMate Profile 1.4B ballpoint. And I also really like the Pilot Varsity Disposable fountain pen. And both pencils work great! The Baoke Metallic was nice, however, I think I would go through the ink way too fast on it.

Before closing, wanting to wish a warm welcome to our newest AnchoredScraps email blog subscribers! 

On an aside, my favorite pen I wanted to include is no longer available anywhere! I had this confirmed from two companies where I made inquiries. Yesterday I went ahead and think I’ve found some that MAY work that is comparable to it and have ordered; however, until I can receive and test I’m refraining from sharing HERE at this time.  Like I said in my opening paragraphs, I wanted to be sure to feature items that are available. Once I get the new ones to try out – of course, will share them in a future blog post.

See you back here on Sunday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps #2115

P.S. The following excerpt I’m including from my On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals with a dog sniff & kiss (August 1, 2021)

My Summer Adventures So Far…. AnchoredScraps Printable

Back on December 19, 2020, in my blog post, Giving The Gift of A Year of Letters, I debuted my set of A Year of Letters Monthly Printables 2021 Digital PDF’s. The premium package I created and is available for purchase in my AnchoredScraps online store.  The set of 12 months of printables includes My Summer Adventures So Far. The set I describe as perpetual because the months can be re-used each year.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) My Snail Mail Sign Up

In case you missed it, last year, August 7th, 2020, in my blog post, Happy You Are Here! snail mail sign upI introduced the option for signing up for occasional surprise handwritten notes from my desk to yours.  I think of it as an “extra” to my email blog subscribers who sign-up for it. I strive to make my way through a rotation of everyone on the list.  Yesterday I was able to write four more individuals on it using this August printable.



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