On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals with a dog sniff & kiss

We are greeting the new month by showcasing this August printable – my name for it is My Summer Adventures So Far.  Along with it, we see in the photo that Cooper seals this particular letter with a dog sniff and kiss!  Join me today as I take you along with me on my letter-writing journey of one letter. I’ll have more on the printable itself later in this blog post.  Before beginning, my sincere thanks to Caleigh for her fantastic idea for today’s blog post, more to follow as you’ll read in the snail mail I’m sharing!  

As of Friday when writing the letter for sharing in today’s post, it was then sent on its way on July 30th to an International Pen Pal of mine. It is always of interest to me how long it takes for mail to arrive from here to there. We can tell its destination on the envelope is international because of one of the stamps. It is the Global USPS First Class International Forever Green Succulent Postage Stamp from 2017.

Cooper Helps Me Prepare to Write a letter

We begin with getting ready for writing this letter I’m sharing as an example. This way my process of writing this letter shows it through sitting down, putting pen to paper, the finished letter itself and embellishing it including with stamps afterwards. 

This particular pen pal has the same set of printables and it’s fun to write each other using stationery from its different months.  The photos and letter I wrote on Friday morning, July 30th; this means we will be seeing that date in the photos.  

On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals _Cooper helps me prepare to write a letter

Next, this is showing I’m done writing the letter and it is awaiting the next step for the envelope and addressing, etc

On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals

Ta dahhh! In case wanting to read along vicariously, here is a collection of screenshots from writing my July 30th Pen Pal Letter

It is worth noting at the bottom of the collection of the photos I am including a photo of a set of stickers, this one from The Dollar Tree. It is two-sided with ALL of those butterflies and I end up using a few on the outside of the envelope both front and back.  I happen to know this one pen pal LOVES butterflies and so it is fun to add them.

On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals My July 30th pen pal letter screenshots

My Summer Adventures So Far…. AnchoredScraps Printable

Back on December 19, 2020, in my blog post, Giving The Gift of A Year of Letters, I debuted my set of A Year of Letters Monthly Printables 2021 Digital PDF’s. The premium package I created and is available for purchase in my AnchoredScraps online store.  The set of 12 months of printables includes My Summer Adventures So Far. The set I describe as perpetual because the months can be re-used each year.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) My Snail Mail Sign Up

In case you missed it, last year, August 7th, 2020, in my blog post, Happy You Are Here! snail mail sign up, I introduced the option for signing up for occasional surprise handwritten notes from my desk to yours.  I think of it as an “extra” to my email blog subscribers who sign-up for it. I strive to make my way through a rotation of everyone on the list.  Yesterday I was able to write four more individuals on it using this August printable.

And here’s a photo of outgoing snail mail today to four on my Snail Mail Subscribers List with the same August Printable

In each of them, I mention the printable is going to be the topic of today’s blog post. Again, it will be fun to see how long it takes for them to arrive from here in North Carolina to each of them.  I’ll be working on another batch to get out this week with several needing me to use global postage.

Writing four more handwritten notes to snail mail subscribers_August 01 _AnchoredScraps #2112

By writing this letter for today’s post it has been most helpful in that continual quest for balance making the time to write more letters and also write quality blog posts of interest. Again, my sincere thanks to Caleigh for the great idea which we do get to read about it in the above screenshots of the letter itself.

Before closing, I thought you would enjoy knowing Cooper particularly enjoyed his special dog biscuits as an appearance fee for being in the photoshoot!

Here’s to a great month ahead and thank you for continuing to be on this letter writing blog journey together with me!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps #2112 On Writing A Letter including Cooper seals with a dog sniff & kiss

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