The Crane PYTHAGOREAN JOTTER Cards are really catching my attention out of the 27 different Jotter Card motif designs available. For me, getting something like this is a fun stationery splurge, and I especially love there is even a Cooper Jotter Card option!

“From client meetings to personal to-do lists, Jotter Cards are meant for every little reminder and bulletin you need to jot down and save for later.”


The Crane paper is pure U.S.A. cotton paper; with its paper weights ranging from light to medium to heavy. Color choices include pearl white or a soft ecru.

In addition, being able to personalize them makes them even more fun!

“Once you’ve selected your ideal paper, make it your own with a variety of fonts, motifs, and ink colors. Add a name or monogram to easily identify your jotter cards, then browse charming motifs for a playful personal touch. Plain jotters offer plenty of free space for doodles, while lined and gridded options bring structure for neat and tidy brainstorming.”


It is Crane SKU 417JC is a 3 x 5 Jotter Card with Ink & motif options in a medium weight of 100% cotton paper. There are four quantities from which to choose: 250, 500, 750, and 1000. The pricing begins at $0.24 per card.

“Never stray from the grid with the classic Pythagorean Jotter Card that keeps everything in line–your thoughts, your schedule, your life. And with a personalized letterhead, every note, even the most mundane, will feel like a small piece of your personal history (maybe even worthy of saving).”

Here’s the Pythagoras Theorem definition in case you too were trying to recall it exactly, I know I was!

 “In a right angled triangle the square of the long side is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.”

Furthermore, over at the Crane SAXON JOTTER CARD SKU 416JC it shows Monogram, font, motif & ink options.  And the Cooper Jotter Card, SKU 565JC offers Font, ink & pattern options.

Thank you for joining me today. Who knew talk of stationery would end up having us touch on math a smidge?!  Have fun exploring the beautiful Crane stationery options.  Here’s to staying dry amid all of the weather forecasts out there for the next few days!  See you back here on Sunday!

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Attribution & Thanks to Crane, links referencing above, and mathisfun

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