Discovering the Estie Sea Glass Collection by Esterbrook

It is a joy discovering the Estie Sea Glass Collection. The Esterbrook Pen Company (established 1858) is aptly quoting Jacques Cousteau when viewing their collection: “The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

In writing today’s post it has even found me after blogging here over six years creating my first TLDR (too long didn’t read) section. It is for the pen enthusiast in us, and I found really interesting!

Discovering the Estie Sea Glass Collection by Esterbrook _AnchoredScraps #2118

First of all, my sincere thanks for the recent email update from Fountain Pen Hospital. It was in their email which came out about two weeks ago, that I first saw the Estie Sea Glass Collection. Upon seeing it, I immediately knew I would be blogging about it here! I’m seeing the prices ranging from $100 to $250.

“To celebrate the nearby shores of Esterbrook*s birthplace, we present the Sea Glass as the newest Estie in their Core Range, as a permanent part of the Estie lineup.”

Later in this blog post, I will have more on the offering at Fountain Pen Hospital.

Sea-Glass12_1200x Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass Collection

You'll want to check out Bertram's Inkwell blog post on Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass Collection

screenshot Bertram's Inkwell Website Banner 2021Aug22 (clickable image linking to it)

Next, in my research to learn more, I came across the July 22, 2021 blog post at Bertramsinkwell on the Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass Pen Collection. I really love reading about Adam’s experiences trying out the actual pens!  Also, they sell the pens there too!

“… First of all, I love all the customization options with these new Estie pens. Notably, all modes of writing are available with the option of gold trim or palladium trim.

… Speaking of ink, I’d recommend using Monteverde’s California Teal to match the Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass fountain pens. That ink even has some sheen, which matches the theme of glistening Sea Glass…”

Fountain Pen Hospital's big line-up showing the Estie Sea Glass Collection

If the name is sounding familiar, I have had several blog posts here on the Fountain Pen Hospital. This past January was my post about them celebrating their 75th Anniversary in 2021!

Next, I’ve put together this slide showing screenshots of all sixteen pens they are showing at the Fountain Pen Hospital Collection LINK Estie Sea Glass Collection.  Six of them have a green NEW circle highlighting them.  For me, I like to be able to view them all at one time for some quick comparing and to take in the whole range of offerings.

This is a clickable link to Fountain Pen Hospital Esterbrook Estie Sea Gass Collection

TLDR section (Too Long didn't read) but really cool!

For the pen enthusiasts, I’m including this partial excerpt from Fountain Pen Hospital which I’ve put into bullet format to help with taking it all in!

  • “… collection is offered in both gold and chrome finishes. 

  • … material is blended and turned acrylic with a Sea Glass mix of colors and a highly-polished finish. 

  • … fountain pen is available in a complete range of points for the way you write. 

  • … offer a variety of standard steel nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.1 stub. 

In addition, they talk about offering “two proprietary nibs as a part of Esterbrook*s custom nib program”, the *Journaler* and the *Scribe*. There is a lot more there including talk about an MV Nib Adaptor (sold separately) for a “vintage nib experience housed in the modern Estie.”

The actual Esterbrook website

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not include the link to the actual Esterbrook website listing of the Estie Sea Glass.  It took me a while to finally figure out while it does not say collection, NOTICE there are choices for style, color, and size – especially all of its options.  They have it coded for the variables of combinations, i.e. if selecting oversize then the rollerball and ballpoint options are crossed out, and so forth.

The Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass at Esterbrook website (clickable image linking to it)

In conclusion, I’m definitely figuring out which Estie Sea Glass pen I am wanting to get. It will come in handy when asked the next time if there is anything on my wish list for any upcoming gift-giving occasions and so can you!

Thank you for joining me today.  And a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscribers!

Here’s to a great week ahead – see you back here on Wednesday.

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AnchoredScraps #2118 

Attribution & thanks to Fountain Pen Hospital, Bertram’s Inkwell, and Esterbrook (links above in that sequence).

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