Chill and Grill Labor Day Postcard

How timely to be sharing this fun Chill and Grill Labor Day Postcard! It is available to personalize and send for free by American Greetings – an e-postcard!

It is one of many styles available for the Labor Day Holiday. Among the variety, I’m including they have a purr-fect one for the cat lover, one for puppy lovers, and a changing of the leaves style too.

On sending an e-postcard Chill and grill labor day postcard_AnchoredScraps #2122

In juggling taking a long weekend and balancing the best of intentions, you (like me) may be finding yourself wanting to send a card to let family and friends know you are thinking of them.

While in today’s blog post our focus is on sending an ecard (and while it may not be snail mail) – it still counts! We are still corresponding and connecting with people who are special to us. 

American Greetings offers a 7-day free trial of their ecards.

In writing this post, I simply went in and signed up with American Greetings – with the caveat I have 7 days to cancel before being billed. The subscription can be monthly, or annual.

It is worth noting that during the trial period I’m not seeing the ability to schedule for a different date. That feature is disabled during the trial period – they do allow for going ahead and activating the membership right then – but in doing so it is my understanding the payment is going to kick in right then because it means having opted out of the trial period. 

Don’t forget to cancel before the free trial ends, if those were your plans to only try it out. You will go to My Account, Manage Membership, and select the “Cancel Free Trial” button – which immediately takes place.

Chill and Grill Labor Day Postcard

The inside verse is very simple with “Happy Labor Day”.  Of course, we can add more to the message! Here is the Chill and Grill Labor Day Postcard Link.

Furthermore, if this is perhaps the first time you are sending something like this, an ecard, I have made screenshots from my sending one while writing this blog post. I’m hoping you find this helpful.

Step One screenshot

Here’s the step two screenshot

Next is a pop-up asking how wanting to send it

And this is the last screenshot showing confirmation

Additionally, here are some of the other Labor Day Postcards available at American Greetings which I’m including here for a sample.

Next, this is the PURR-FECT LABOR DAY (POSTCARD) by American Greetings.

And lastly, I’m closing with this e-postcard of their Relax On Labor Day Postcard.

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AnchoredScraps #2122

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