In Time for the Monster Mash Message Monsters Stamps Forever

The Monster Mash Message Monsters Stamps is how I’m thinking of these just arrived Forever Stamps. I’m thinking of Boris Karloff and the 1962 song The Monster Mash, anyone want to dance the mashed potato or the twist too?

Happy Sunday! Halloween is three weeks from today! My thanks to Caleigh for showing me her set of these new stamps this week from the Post Office!

It wasn’t until writing today’s blog post that in researching I am discovering the voice for Boris is actually an imitation by the singer Bobby “Boris” Pickett and he also was impersonating Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre. At the end of today’s post I’m including a link to the YouTube of the song by him.

USPS Message Monsters Stamps Forever

These newly arriving stamps on September 24, 2021 are showing on the USPS Postal Store. They are the USPS the Message Monster Stamps SKU S_481304 stamps – available for purchase in addition to your local post office.

The 20 stamp pane is $11.60 – the First Class Forever Mail rate of 58cents each x 20. It has five each of the four designs. In addition there are extra artwork stickers on the stamps accessories with “hats, hearts, stars, crazy daisies, and more…” along with “… cartoony voice balloons and though bubbles with salutations and exclamations.”

Next, I’m including this link from my October 12, 2019, Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps 1997.

Quoting from that blog post, this is from Mystic Stamps on the Classic Movie Monsters stamps  including “… a background on the 1997 32cents Classic Movie Monsters stamps with movie history and names of the actors.”

“It begins with “The man responsible for bringing the Phantom to life was silent actor Lon Chaney.” It goes onto say “The man responsible for bringing the ghoulish, yet elegant Count Dracula to life was Bela Lugosi.” Continuing, it shares, “Boris Karloff was the talented actor who brought the monster to life.” Furthermore, we read, “The Mummy’s eerie presence was brought to life by the unique talents of Boris Karloff.” And we wrap up with Lon Chaney’s son, “Lon Chaney, Jr. is the talented actor who so convincingly became the Wolf Man.”

Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps


Enjoy this Monster Mash from YouTube by Bobby "Boris" Pickett

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Have fun using these Monster Mash Message Monsters Stamps – not only for Halloween but also year round!  Here’s to a great week ahead! See you on Wednesday!

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Attribution & Thank you USPS images and links referencing above, Mystic Stamp Company, Wikipedia Monster Mash, and Monster Mash YouTube Bobby “Boris” Pickett.



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