Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps 1997

Over at edelweiss_post and #mysticstampcompany, there are Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps from 1997 available. On this Saturday morning, we are having some fun looking at these Halloween themed stamps perfect for enhancing our letter writing this month! Towards the end of my post today, I’m including the listing of the actors with the movies portrayed in these Classic Movie Monsters.

Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps at Edelweiss Post 

First, writing about the wonderful Edelweiss Post Etsy shop, they were among one of my earliest blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.

Movie Monsters Halloween Postage StampsReceiving in the mail your Edelweiss Post order from Patrick is a wonderful experience, one you’ll find yourself repeating!

It contains two each of the five designs for a total of 10 unused Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps.

The 32 cents stamps from 1997 are of Movie Monsters featuring Phantom, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Wolf Man.


These spooky stamps are perfectly suitable for use as postage for mailing, as long as you use additional stamps to add up to the current postage rate. These creepy monster stamps will add an enchanting touch to your Halloween cards or party invitations


About the USPS Classic Movie Monsters Stamps Background at Mystic Stamp

In addition, over at Mystic Stamp, there is a background on the 1997 32cents Classic Movie Monsters stamps with movie history and names of the actors.

It begins with “The man responsible for bringing the Phantom to life was silent actor Lon Chaney.” It goes onto say “The man responsible for bringing the ghoulish, yet elegant Count Dracula to life was Bela Lugosi.” Continuing, it shares, “Boris Karloff was the talented actor who brought the monster to life.” Furthermore, we read, “The Mummy’s eerie presence was brought to life by the unique talents of Boris Karloff.” And we wrap up with Lon Chaney’s son, “Lon Chaney, Jr. is the talented actor who so convincingly became the Wolf Man.”

Scott Numbers are 3168 – 3172.

I’m including this image of the “Scott Mounts 186 x 230mm (7.32 x 9.06″) Classic Movie Monsters 3 pack – #SM1015”.  This begs the question I’m hoping to find the answer from my stamp club buddies, of clarifying what is meant by a “3 pack”.  Stay tuned for what I find out!

As we wrap up, wishing each of us a Happy Saturday! Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post, it is a real treasure I’m already looking forward to sharing it!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is daily blog post #1690, we are continuing our trek to #1700!


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Movie Monsters Halloween Postage Stamps

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