Last minute Christmas letter gift ideas (includes printable)

We are looking at some last minute Christmas letter gift ideas – including this Christmas Letter 2021 printable!

Why not make your present (sending via snail mail, electronically, or in person) be a letter itself? 

Christmas Letter Printable 2021

First, I’m wanting to share the printable! Thoughts of at the last minute tying things up with a ribbon is inspiring today’s blog with this printable perfect for sending with Christmas Letter news. 

We can print it off locally with our printer and then hand write (or type) onto it our letter sentiments. 

Last minute Christmas letter gift ideas

Next, here are some last minute gift ideas I’m going to be doing myself this next week from my North Pole gift wrapping station here at the house – on a folding card table that is (mostly) out of reach of our dog Cooper!

  • Write a Letter to the scrapbook: In years past I’ve written a Christmas Newsletter to the Christmas scrapbook. No kidding, it is to the scrapbook, and with over five volumes of the scrapbooks and covering 25 years of Christmas it is really helpful in looking back and jogging our memory of what we were doing at the time.
  • Another idea is writing a letter to the person and fold and carefully put into a metal tin box (there are some really cute ones at the dollar store these days).
  • Use the enclosed Christmas Letter Printable 2021 which is free and send out a few as I describe above.  
  • In addition, there is my Year of Letters Printable from last year I came out with that has been updated with 2021 on the New Years Day. This means if you previously purchased it, the link is still the same for you and just go ahead and download again with the updated set.
  • And I’m still figuring this one out, writing a small letter and putting it into an ornament that gets put onto the tree. This week as I put it together, I’ll be sure to get photos so I can share for us for working ahead to next year. (And I’ll add them here as an addendum to this post later this week).

One of my favorite pen pals (and long time reader of this blog) has an amazing gift of letters she does each year to her family including sharing family stories. I believe she begins this back in the Summer. In this next year I’m going to have to introduce her with a Christmas in July post.  Also, will have to do a “call for sharing” other types of letter gift ideas you may be doing as well. Stay tuned for this in the coming year!

Wishing you safe travels for those of you getting on the road. Here’s to a great ahead with Christmas Eve on Friday and Christmas on Saturday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps #2145

P.S. An Early Christmas Miracle It Is! 

My sincere thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on those of you who watched my posted video from last week’s blog on Reading The Red Glass Bowl.

Reading the 1931 short story, The Red Glass Bowl, by Margaret Weymouth Jackson_AnchoredScraps #2144When I was getting ready to post it, at the time, I ran into all kinds of technical glitches with its production. I’m so happy to have gotten it finally posted within a few days. It truly became a Christmas Miracle getting all of it to come together with producing it myself.

In case you missed seeing the video, here’s the link, December 12, 2021, Reading the 1931 short story, “The Red Glass Bowl”. 



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