Just a short note to say …. Hello (with printable)

Taking a few minutes to send just a short note to say Hello is fun to receive and send! I’m including a printable which this one is a little different with it being unlined. 

If at a loss of what to write – how about just a mention of the weather where you are?   Our short lived winter weather here this weekend found us with a dusting of cold white ground on Saturday morning! For those of you with much colder climates my hats off to you with smiling at us at the coast surprised to find the temperature overnight in the 20 degrees F!  

While we can also do the same thing with sending a text, ecard, and/or email – it is still a treat to open the mailbox and have a note from someone. 

It is unexpected and something we keep on our bulletin board right by our desk! — or wherever your command center is for grand central station in your office, home, home office.

Just a short note to say Hello letterwriting

Have fun using this free printable – on your own printer or take to your UPS Store and have them run a few copies for you.  When using it – it is fine to use a big sharpie if you want to fill up a lot of space on the paper. The point is to dash off and GET INTO THE MAIL!  Enjoy!

Anchors Aweigh,  




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