Heart of a letter

My thoughts of realizing what makes the Heart of a letter I’m sharing today. AND have you seen the new Love 2022 Stamps from the USPS yet? They just arrived two weeks ago! 

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The two new Love 2022 stamps from the U.S. Postal Service are available in a sheet of 20 First-Class Mail for $11.60.  I love that I can always go to the USPS Postal Store #Sku 578204 and purchase on line – especially if they are not available yet locally.  As we have been covering the series of Love stamps here on this blog for over the past seven years, this is their latest one. 

Heart of a Letter

Heart of a letter

With February arriving this next week I’ve been thinking that making the time to write and SEND a note is a huge part of key component for visualizing the heart of a letter.

Just a short note to say … Hello” printable from last week’s blog post

It was a joy receiving in Saturday’s mail a letter from a dear friend who wrote me on the “Just a short note to say … Hello” printable from last week’s blog post!  And her short but sincere hand writing saying she’s thinking of me – its a perfect example of a heart of a letter.  

I’ve been struggling with writing just the perfect thing to say in a condolence card to a very dear friend. Can it be the closer we are to the person the harder it is to put pen to paper? With writing together today’s blog post, I realize I just need to go ahead (and even if I am awkward with expressing my thoughts in it) write and send it out into the mail.

So here is the drumroll…. I believe it is our sincerity when writing that makes the heart of a letter.  AND that we then SEND it!!!

In closing, I hope you’ll join me this next week with getting out at least one letter to someone you’ve been meaning to send. And in case you are looking for something to write about this Wednesday, February 2-2-22 is Ground Hog Day!

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Just to mention that I’m seeing several of the familiar sites offering Letter Writing challenges for February 2022. In case you are wanting to gear up and participate, you can check out the list of places I included in my post from last year  Why I’m Not Letter Writing Challenge Month in 2021, February 3, 2021 – in that post I have updated links for 2022 along with an addendum for 2022.



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