St. Patricks Day 2022 Fancy Postmark

It is timely to be sharing the St Patricks Day 2022 Fancy Postmark, especially with it being this coming Thursday. It is a fun way to add a bit of whimsy with sending out a few postcards and or letters to friends and family – knowing they will be receiving it within a few weeks of requesting. The St. Patrick’s Association of Shamrock, Texas is commemorating it locally with their own Pictorial Postmark.

St. Patricks Day 2022 Fancy Postmark

If you are new to my blog encouraging letter writing, I’m still recalling back in 2016 the first time I went about creating a cachet for St Patricks and sending. I’m including this look back to a cachet I did back in my March 4, 2016 blog post on St. Patricks Day Special Fancy Postmarks.

In the USPS Postal Bulletin 22593 a few days ago, it includes sharing the Pictorial Postmarks Announcement, including the St. Patricks Day 2022 Fancy Postmark. In  addition, the process for requesting and are available for 30 days from the date.

St Patricks Day 2022 Fancy Postmark

The address for requesting is as follows:

March 17, 2022

St. Patrick’s Association

St. Patrick’s Day Station


210 North Madden Street

Shamrock, TX 79079-9998

I hope you’ll consider requesting a few of them and have fun with it this next week!

Furthermore, here’s a link to look at my previous blog posts for St. Patrick’s Dar from over the past seven years. 

Here’s to a great week ahead! We have already got our menu and items ready for cooking at home for Thursday dinner with Corned Beef, cabbage, and small red potatoes. And we have a fun treat for Cooper too! See you back here next Sunday!

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