Rudolph Wisconsin Special Cancellation Postmark 2022

The Rudolph Wisconsin Special Cancellation Postmark 2022 is available for requesting by mail, with the date of December 10, 2022. Whether one thinks of Burl Ives singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or Gene Autry, — or Chuck Berry with his rendition of Run Rudolph Run, it is great seeing Rudolph has its own Holiday Postmark!

It was just two weeks ago where I was sharing about the Holiday Pictorial Postmarks 2022 Now Available.  

Rudolph Wisconsin Special Cancellation Postmark 2022

In the latest USPS Pictorial Postmark announcement 22612 (Dec 1, 2022) it is sharing about their two newest Holiday Pictorial Postmarks. Let’s begin with this one for Rudolph Wisconsin Special Cancellation Postmark 2022.

The Village of Rudolph is in Wood County, Wisconsin with a population (as of 2020) of 431.   

As of an article over at WSAW=TV I’m seeing for December 8, 2020 it shares the following:

“The decorative stamp program originally started with Postmaster Lillian Blonien in 1945 as a Girl Scout project. She served as postmaster from 1940 to 1971, and started the tradition of postmarking holiday greetings with a pictorial cancellation featuring a reindeer design. Each spring there is a contest for students in Rudolph to enter their designs.

A normal business day at the Rudolph post office is about 1000 letters and cards, on the second Saturday of December the volume balloons to about 10,000 pieces of mail.”

I think there is a lot of fun one could do with creating the cachet envelope design to send off with to get this pictorial postmark added to it!

Rudolph Wisconsin Special Cancellation Postmark 2022

It is available for 30 days, with the address for requesting is:

  • December 10, 2022
  • Rudolph Progress Committee
  • Country Christmas Station
  • Postmaster
  • PO Box 9998
  • Rudolph, WI 54475-9998

Previous Rudloph Postmarks

Before leaving Rudolph, it is fun looking back and seeing in my December 5, 2019 blog post, the one for Rudolph Wisc was included with my listing of the “MANY 2019 Christmas Holiday Pictorial Postmarks”. 

Furthermore, in my 2017 blog post (November 26, 2017, Christmas Holidays Pictorial Postmarks 2017) it was showing one for a different town of Rudolph, in Rudolph, Ohio.

In addition, there is also another Holiday Pictorial Postmark – it is for Angelica Booster Citizens for Angelica, NY December 2-25, 2022

  • Angelica Booster Citizens, Inc.
  • Angel Station
  • Postmaster
  • 1 West Main Street
  • Angelica, NY 14709-9998

There is still time for requesting these Holiday Pictorial Postmarks! Hope your Christmas card writing is going well. See you back here next Sunday! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thanks:

Special Rudolph cancelation postmark offered Dec. 12 at Rudolph Post Office, WSAW-TV, USPS Pictorial Postmark Announcement (link above), Rudolph WI population (link above) and previous AnchoredScraps blog posts.



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