This year it’s a Christmas Hula Hoop Newsletter Theme

This year it’s a Christmas Hula Hoop Newsletter Theme as I’m putting one together! Hearing the chipmunks yesterday with Alvin and the Chipmunks singing the Christmas Song as he wants a Hula Hoop for Christmas had me smiling and thinking “that’s the one!”.  Greetings as we find ourselves with Christmas one week from today! 

This year it's a Christmas Hula Hoop newsletter theme_#2198 Dec182022

I find it inspiring how many friends this year have been including Christmas Newsletters with their Christmas cards! Of course I’m including news of our Brittany Spaniel Cooper and including some photos of all of us along with some chatty updates.  This DOES help with some of the things I would repeat in each note, and this way still personalize the card but not re-write long sentences that I can include with the newsletter.  For me – it is a compromise of my ‘best of intentions’ with time realities of getting them out the door and MAILING them this week!

Alvin Inspiring Christmas Hula Hoop newsletter theme

Just listen along and you’ll see why this had me deciding it for my newlsetter theme this year for Christmas 2022.
And in case you are already looking for it – here it is — over on YouTube there are over 13Million Views of others watching Alvin and The Chipmunks Christmas Song (link)

Hope this finds you well this finale week getting ready for the Holidays. Wishing everyone safe travels and I’ll see you back here next week ON Christmas Sunday!

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YouTube ChipmunksFan123 Alvin and The Chipmunks – Christmas Song (link above)

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