New Stamp Arrivals USPS Spring 2023

The New Stamp Arrivals USPS Spring 2023 are here with more coming later this month! We can’t have our letter writing without stamps if we are going to have them delivered through the mail! 

New Stamp Arrivals USPS Spring 2023

The new stamps are celebrating tulips, skateboards, women’s soccer, author Toni Morrison, American artist of the pop art movement Roy Lichtenstein, historic railroad stations, and floral geometry.

I’m including links and descriptions to all. 

New Stamp Arrivals USPS Spring 2023

All of the stamps showing in this section are available for sale now. Remember, if your local Post Office does not have them, there is always the USPS Postal Store online. First class one ounce is currently 63 cents each stamp, so a sheet of 20 is $12.60.

Let’s begin sequentially date wise with their release dates.

First, the Women’s Soccer Stamps, issue date 2/16/2023, in a sheet of 20 for $12.60 Forever first class one-ounce stamp.

USPS Women’s Soccer Stamps 2023, Forever celebrating women’s soccer in the US

Second, there is the Floral Geometry denominated at $10, issue date of 2/23/2023. They come in a block of 4 for $40.00. 

Floral Geometry Denominated USPS 2023, in a block of 4

Next in March there were more arrivals of New Stamp Arrivals USPS Spring 2023. On 3/7/2023 the Toni Morrison stamp in a sheet of 20 for $12.60. 

Toni Morrison stamp USPS 2023

The Railroad Stations Stamps are in a sheet of 20 for 12.60, issue date of 3/9/2023. 

Railroad Stations Stamps USPS 2023, I know of several who will be excited seeing this one!

Then on 3/24/2023 the Art of the Skateboard Stamps in a sheet of 20 for $12.60, with multiple stamps.

Art of the Skateboard Stamps USPS 2023

Arriving later this month of April 2023

Arriving on 4/5/2023 are the Tulip Blossoms Stamps, in a book of 20 for $12.60. (And for trivia pursuit enthusiasts, it is also available in a coil of 3,000 for $1890.00, and coil of 10,000 for $6,300.00.)

Tulip Blossoms Stamps USPS 2023 perfect for so many occasions!

Furthermore, the U.S. Flag 2023 Stamps, issue date 4/10/2023 in a sheet of 20, or book of 20 for $12.60 each respectively. Also, coil of 100, 3000, and 10,000 are available. 

The U.S. Flag 2023 Stamps Forever, USPS, I love that they are available in both booklet and sheet

Lastly, the Roy Lichtenstein Stamps, multiple stamp designs, in a sheet of 20, for $12.60 each.

Roy Lichtenstein Stamps, multiple designs in the sheet of 20, USPS 2023

In conclusion, have fun exploring and adding some of these stamps to your stash for writing letters!

On this Palm Sunday the weather has been very enjoyable! I know this next week will be going by fast and many of you will be on the road with travel plans. See you back here next week on Easter Sunday. In the meantime, wishing you a peaceful and wonderful week!

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