Creatively using paint chips with our letter writing

This month I am finding myself writing more letters. Along with that it is fun discovering something unexpected to  use with my letter writing … leading us to creatively using paint chips with our letter writing! In addition, I’m having fun with whimsical stickers to carry with me to include too.

Creatively using paint chips with our letter writingThere are three paint chip color samples I am sharing with us. The idea for today’s post came from walking through Lowe’s Home Improvement this weekend. The colors were calling my name!

Furthermore, have fun exploring trying out a few paint chip samples yourself!

Here I am playing with the three colors along with new stickers. The “Life is Better with HAPPY mail” sticker, 500 round mail stickers

Creatively using paint chips with our letter writing

In addition, here are a few more photos. 

My three paint color swatches from Lowe’s Home Improvement, front
Here, the back side of them

And I’m including these two sticker sets I’m enjoying

First, this is the link for the 500 stickers of Life is Better with HAPPY Mail I am enjoying! 

Secondly, here is a photo which includes my new booklet of “I LOVE Tea” stickers – along with the printable. It is from earlier this month here at AnchoredScraps.

Additionally, this links to March 8, 2023 On discovering 50th Birthday BIC 4-Color Ball Pen assorted inks & Happy SnailMail Greetings March printable.

Front cover I Love Tea! Stickers Paperback – January 16, 2018 by Teresa Goodridge (Author), at Amazon

Lastly, this is the link to the “I Love Tea!” Stickers Paperback link at Amazon, $1.99 each booklet.

In conclusion, as this post wraps up March for us, see you back here next Sunday. It is hard to believe it will be Palm Sunday with Easter just two weeks away! And yes, I already have a new pair of white jeans waiting for its arrival which for me includes signaling changing out the wardrobe!

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