On discovering Charleston Postal Museum

On Discovering Charleston Postal Museum is kicking off our new month here! I’m including some photos from dear friend and pen pal Debbie who recently was touring it while visiting Charleston. 

This photo from within the Charleston Postal Museum is also from Debbie’s trip recently there, thanks again to her!

With summer vacations upon us (and planning for something different to do) you may also find today’s post of interest to you too!

And on a whimsical nod, I’m noticing this is blog post #2221 which begs the question WHAT will be our letter writing blog post next week be on for #2222? I’m already having fun planning this upcoming post!

On discovering Charleston Postal Museum

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Here then are some of the photos from Debbie of the Charleston Postal Museum taken very recently.

Thanks again to Debbie for sharing her photos!

Additionally, it is fun reading some of the articles written about it.

“… Old stamps, post office memorabilia and newspaper clippings tell of the post office’s role in many of the city’s historical moments.

The current post office, which houses the museum, was built in 1896 on the ruins of an old police station that had been destroyed by an earthquake a decade earlier…

The current price of a postcard stamp is 29 cents, but admission to the museum is free.”  – Discover the Postal Museum by Amy Holtcamp (link below)

Furthermore, the above article is really helpful and a great find. Just wanting to note that since it was written post card postage is now 48 cents.

And there is this article too to check out.

“This tiny specialist museum charts Charleston’s postal history, housed in a room inside the elegant Post Office Building built in 1896. The building still serves as the post office today (Mon–Fri 11:30am–3:30pm).” – Frommer’s Staff (link below)

And lastly, be sure to check out the Trip Advisor collection of photos (link below) of the Postal Museum in Charleston South Carolina. I’m including this screen shot of an area wide image that includes several of the images from Debbie’s photos above.

The last time we were in Charleston we were celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary; and last November was our 30th Anniversary! This place is definitely going onto my list for us to visit this year! How about you, have you already been? Do you think you would plan a trip to go visit it?

Thank you for continuing to be on this blog journey with me. Remember the letters you write to others do make a difference! See you back here next week for blog post #2222!

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Discover the Postal Museum by Amy Holtcamp

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You may also enjoy reading about the Wiki United States Post Office and Courthouse (Charleston, South Carolina) 



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