The twos have it! Celebrating Letter Writing AnchoredScraps Blog Post #2222!

The twos have it! Celebrating Letter Writing AnchoredScraps blog post #2222!  

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First a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscribers! 

Back on August 17, 2020 we were Celebrating AnchoredScraps 2000 daily consecutive blog posts!

And for fun continued the daily count until September 6, 2020 for reaching 2020 in 2020 Milestone. Since realizing that we have then seen the transition of posting frequency no longer daily, to then twice a week, and since November of 2021 have been posting this blog weekly. 

In addition, you can see all of the AnchoredScraps Monthly Recap Daily Blog Posts 2015-2020 of all 67 Months here.

Whimsical look back at the 2’s Blog Posts Here, #2, #22, #222, & #2222

Thankfully At least for the first year I was tracking the blog post numbers making it easier to find these first three posts!

Blog Post #2 If it’s not in the scrapbook…  February 27, 2015

Blog Post #22 What’s Your Type? True Type fonts and why we love them March 19, 2025

Blog Post #222 Motivational Monday: Importance of Backups October 5, 2015

Blog Post #2222 The twos have it! Celebrating Letter Writing AnchoredScraps Blog Post #2222! June 11, 2023 

Looking ahead Onward from AnchoredScraps Blog Post #2222 Encouraging Letter Writing!

Fast forward to February 26, 2023 of this year and it found us celebrating 8 Years Blog Anniversary. In that post I was sharing I’m planning to continue to blog until at least my 10th Year Blog Anniversary. I continue to be most grateful for being on this blog post journey with you.  

Furthermore, I’m mindful sometime this year I will have to be away to have cataract surgery on both of my eyes, which I understand several of our blog readers here have gone through that process already and are very encouraging to me to me to have this done!

Our focus here will continue to provide “… ongoing encouragement to regularly carve out a few precious moments to connect with others via “old” styles of correspondence, specifically in letter writing.”  <- from my AnchoredScraps blog landing page

Here’s to a great week ahead! See you back here next weekend!

Anchors Aweigh,


AnchoredScraps #2222



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