July 4th Special Fancy Pictorial Postmarks

There are two different July 4th Special Fancy Pictorial Postmarks being offered in the current Postal Bulletin.

It was fun to learn that one of these July 4th Pictorial Postmarks include the postal approved July 4th cancel created by my local stamp club, the Wilmington Philatelic Society!

There is time to participate.  It should be noted that because the Post Office will be closed on July 4th it means the only way to get either or both of these July 4th Special Pictorial Postmarks serviced will be to mail them in, not bring them to the post office in person.

July 4th Special Fancy Pictorial Postmarks

In the current issue of the Postal Bulletin there is a July 4th Pictorial Postmark listed for here in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the other is for Seward, Nebraska.

The first one offered is entitled “A Salute to Richard P Boone – American Patriot and Wilmington NC Resident”.   The Independence Station cancel celebrates the many of hundreds of World War II patriotic covers.  He was a Wilmington printer.  Previously my stamp club friend Jimmy has shared with me there are nearly 600 cachets listed in the “Patriotic Covers of World War 2” catalog.

IntoTheWildBlueYonder2016FancyCancel blog post - This is the 4th of July Station cancelThe second fancy pictorial envelope cancel being offered is by the Seward Fourth of July Committee, Seward, Nebraska. The 4th of July Station cancel shows “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” – Saluting a Century of Aviation in Nebraska in the design.

“As a community service by the U.S. Postal Service offers pictorial postmarks to commemorate local events celebrated in communities throughout the nation.”

To see all of the Pictorial Postmarks Announcement for the June 23rd Postal Bulletin, please see pages 39-42.  On page 39 it gives the instructions on how to request these postmarks.  In my blog post on sending off for St Patricks Day Special Fancy Postmarks it lists the instructions there too.

Here’s to making the time to send off for one of these July 4th Special Fancy Pictorial Postmarks.

Join me tomorrow as we kick off the new week!

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July 4th Special Fancy Pictorial Postmarks Attribution
& Thank you to those referenced today

Image above upper left, and above from page 42 of the US Postal Service Postal Bulletin PB22444, June 23, 2016; excerpt from Page 39.

My stamp club friend, Jimmy Jordan, at the Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS)

AnchoredScraps.com blog post St. Patricks Day Special Fancy Postmarks March 04, 2016 written by Helen Rittersporn





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