Return to Sender

We all know the words that come to mind from the Elvis Presley song including: “Return to sender, address unknown.   No such number, no such zone.”

This week on we begin our theme for this week – it is all about getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence.

Whether you strive to have an up to date Outlook address book synchronized with your directory (printed, hand written, or electronic) – the joys of having your address book found and of a reasonable state and condition is a luxury within our grasp.   This week we will focus on getting ourselves organized and up to date so we can communicate with those we care about.

When Elvis recorded that song in 1962 he performed “Return to Sender” in the movie “Girls! Girls! Girls!”   I don’t recall ever seeing the movie but know the song!   I caught the movie scene of him singing it on YouTube this evening and was reminded that he kept returning it because it was returned for various reasons.       In January of this year, we received a Christmas card returned to us as the person had moved since last year and we were not aware of it!   I know it is March and the idea of getting our Christmas card mailing list updated sounds like a million months from now, but the benefits of ourselves getting organized this week will be very helpful.

Do you do much in excel? I still find it very helpful.   From outlook I can export to a csv file so between the two (Outlook & Excel) I can keep them in synch, we will get into that more later this week.

For now please start thinking about if you at least have a box with all of the cards and letters from the past year physically tossed into one place and if not start gathering them up and put them into said box.   If you are doing this electronically create a folder on your desktop or somewhere you will remember and start putting your notes in there. Or maybe you are an Evernote user!   The desired end result should be by Sunday of this week you will be able with confidence to reach out by snail-mail, email, phone, and/or text those you care about without it taking on an expedition time sink of an hour to just find the name and address of one person!

It will be a fun week and one to keep us from getting any future mail marked “Return to Sender”!

Anchors Aweigh,  







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