Spring Break

We wrap up March Madness Milestones at AnchoredScraps.com today with …

Spring Break! 

When met with the term “Spring Break” does it make you smile and think to yourself “can’t wait” or do you think “avoid the crowds – we won’t go then”!   My encouragement to you is to take one this year even if it is for one day, one weekend, or for a week – the point is to get away!  We were able to take a day trip today and it was a delight to return feeling like things had been put on pause and how nice to return feeling refreshed.

We were back in time to make #blogchat on twitter this evening – the official focus was on ‘Reviving Old Blog’ with many sharing how they keep their blogs fresh.  Recurring themes were people are excited about what they are blogging about, have a plan and schedule set to which they generally adhere and post regularly – what is “regular” for posting varies between bloggers  but the point was to choose a schedule, focus, be organized and post regularly.

In thinking of Spring Break,  there is a movie that comes to mind, “Where the Boys Are” from 1960.  In the movie you have four college young women who go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Spring Break, including Connie Francis who sang the title song “Where the Boys Are”.   Here goes on some of the cast — it includes Dolores Hart (who had been in a movie in 1957 with Elvis Presley “Loving You” and later became a Nun); Paula Prentiss; Yvette Mimieux; a very young George Hamilton; Frank Gorshin (who ends up in the pool with mermaid swimmers and can’t see because he lost his glasses – I’m recalling this from my memory of last time I saw the film); and Jim Hutton (He was the father of actor Timothy Hutton, think “Charlie” who played Meg Ryan’s fiancé doctor in the 1995 movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline).   And we can’t forget the question mark George Hamilton draws in the sand on the beach at the end of the movie in the scene with him and Dolores Hart.

So this wraps our first theme week here on AnchoredScraps.com for March Madness Milestones.  If you still have a team playing in the tournament great!  Join me tomorrow to find out what the new theme will be for this new week!

Anchors Aweigh,  



P.S. The photo shown today was taken by me last year, on June 15, 2014.



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