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Today’s blog we are going over a few items on navigating around   These navigation tips are based on insights gained from talking with several family and friends this week who are subscribers!  I’m excited to have as many as we do already!

It all begins at Home.  Start on the upper left side of the screen – below the logo and tagline.

In this top left section are found:

  • Home – if all else fails remember to start at Home, what is then displayed to the right, each of those squares with different photos AnchoredScrapsNavigatefromHomeare of the different blog posts.  If you click on any of them they open to reveal that entire blogpost.   In the example shown you will see Home is in blue and I have circled yesterday’s blog post – if you were to click on what is circled it will open up that blog post.
  • blogReadMoreBlog – Each one is shown scrolling down, with a ‘read more’ button on each to be taken to the individual post (shown in photo on left).
  • At the very bottom (not shown)  if you scroll all the way to the bottom there is ‘older entries’.



  • About Helen – about me and the planned scope – includes excerpt from my first blog post on this site on planned scope for
  • CropDiggityDawg – my scrapbooking fundraiser
  • Notes – where I post all of the reference links of sites I find helpful and I have referenced in previous blog posts
  • Photo Gallery  – coming soon
  • Store – coming soon
  • Contact – lists my email and a contact form

The following then are after that top section:

  • Clock
  • Quote of the day – all of the quotes shown have been selected by me
  • What I’m reading this month
  • When did I post this month  is a calendar view showing when posted
  • Search
  • Recent blog posts – shows the most recent five blog posts
  • Topics – think of this by category of what has been tagged
  • Subscribe to receive the latest – this is at the very bottom lower left of the screen, when you subscribe expect to have an email sent to you to then confirm
  • Archives are shown by month

That’s it.  It was all designed to be very clean and easy to navigate.  Enjoy your Saturday!  And if you are out driving and use your GPS or a map you’ll be reminded of today’s blog post!

Anchors Aweigh,  





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