“Lunchbox Letters”, “Laptop Letters”, & “Hummingbird Joy” – books by Bill Zimmerman

The timing is fantastic to showcase these books by Bill Zimmerman today:  “Lunchbox Letters”, “Laptop Letters”, and “Hummingbird Joy – A Book of All the Things That Make You Happy”.

They provide such “Words of Encouragement” and help foster gratitude. 

It was a delight to email with Bill and discover Hummingbird Joy, I had been focused on the two books to present here – so we now have three!  Photos of the covers of the books shown today are posted with permission.

Bill Zimmerman (Twitter @MakeBeliefs4U) has written over 18 books in the last 20 years.  His Something to Write About site includes writing prompt ideas and links to his sites MakeBeliefsComix.com where you can create your own ‘comix’ strip (which has had more than 11 million site visits from more than 200 countries since launching the site in late 2006)  and billztreasurechest.com which lists many of his free ebooks in addition to links to books for sale. I smiled in seeing he has written several books on Doodles – recently we looked at two different posts on doodles here on AnchoredScraps.com.

lunchboxletterscoverLunch Box Letters

The book Lunch Box Letters: Writing Notes of Love and Encouragement to Your Children was written in 2007.  “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each child every day might find a handwritten note of love and encouragement in her or his lunch box? In writing such letters a parent or caregiver bestows upon a child one of the most precious gifts that can ever be given: the knowledge that she or he is loved. ”   This book encourages parents to write notes of love and encouragement to their children and shows you how.  It is available in paperback at Amazon.com

laptopletterscoverLaptop Letters

Laptop Letters: Sending Wise & Loving Messages to Young People in Your Life   It was written in 2012.  “This book helps you do something very special for your children or grandchildren — to pass on to them some of the important things in your heart that you want to share with them and your family legacy. ”

Laptop Letters, is a family legacy ebook and is free and you can click here to be taken to its page with links to view it.


Images of some of the books by Bill Zimmerman

Hummingbird Joy

Hummingbird Joy – A Book of All the Things That Make You Happy  It was written in 2013.  “You will be able to read and write in this free interactive digital book –  go to the website and from there you will just click on the cover of the book shown. By doing so, you will download a PDF that will reveal a new memory book for you to write about all the good things in your life that are worth remembering.   With your written words, Hummingbird Joy will become your own treasure chest of personal wonders. … Writing helps affirm our joy and gratitude.”

Thank you to Bill Zimmerman for creating these books and making the ebooks available for free.  His uplifting messages of encouragement are appreciated.  It is going to be fun to make my way through these books.  I hope that you will join me!

Anchors Aweigh,  




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