Letters of Encouragement

Our new theme this week is

Letters of Encouragement!

In looking over a choice of several themes I have been developing in the background for my blog – this theme was the most pulling to me.    With April being the month of National Letter Writing Month I thought sending letters of encouragement would be appreciated by those receiving them.   While writing this post I’ve been enjoying a cup of hot tea – inspired by the idea suggested in today’s snail mail from my new pen pal who does that when writing their letters.

This past weekend marked three months since traveling to give the eulogy at my Dad’s Memorial Service.  I’m very appreciative of the letters, emails, and phone calls that we’ve been sending to each other from family and friends.  I’m aware of several friends where this year with the upcoming events will mark their ‘first’ without one of their parents.

In thinking of the different family and friends, and new people I’ve met who email subscribe to my blog, I’m mindful of how many roles are being juggled, and balanced, and swizzled for the many hats being worn these days.   Many of you are balancing home & work, children, husband,  and pet(s), and also figuring out how to make room for your creative voice to be heard – figuring out how to carve out a few minutes to write, to express yourself with your hobby, to read sometimes at the cost of precious sleep.   Some of you are already retired and find yourself even busier than before when you had a job.  And some of you are so close to landing that ideal job.

And so to start today, this week, my message is you do make a difference and to hang in there!

I’m hoping by end of the week you’ll be inspired to perhaps get a note off into the mail to a friend of yours to share that same message to them. 

Anchors Aweigh,  






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