Focus on Stamps

Welcome to a new week at  Thank you to Cuddy who was our guest yesterday.    Today we introduce our new weekly theme:

Focus on Stamps

This week we will pass the half-way mark for April and with it National Letter Writing Month; I have noticed there are a few contests underway to write a letter a day for the month – perhaps next year we will undertake that challenge here!   For now consider making writing one to two letters a week part of your personal routine, and for this special celebration month a stretch goal of writing 10 letters this month!  I know some of the email subscribers and see you smiling – okay, think of adding to your personal routine writing one to two letters a month! This week falls on the calendar with an interesting combination: it contains the Second Tuesday of the month, and the Third Thursday of the month.   How did I notice this?  Well two different groups have their monthly meeting this month and are falling on the same week (different days true) but it makes the calendar seem more packed this week.

Local Stamp Club

Epcot postcard with passport stamps
Photo is from Helen’s Disney 1998 Trip scrapbook album

I’ve made arrangements to attend my first local club meeting with the American Philatelic Society this week!  The timing seemed perfect for our theme this week at with Focus on Stamps.  If you have a similar interest find a local stamp club near you.  We can go through this stamp-collecting-discovery-journey together!

Another kind of Stamp

This photo on the right was taken by me today – it shows part of a scrapbook page from our Disney 1998 Trip scrapbook album. At Epcot I had my postcard stamped at each “Country”.   It was part of their Kidcot Fun Stops.  How do I even remember this stuff – it is because of journaling in my scrapbook.  I am sure the program has grown since that visit. There were Epcot passports for sale at the gift shops but I was quite happy to use a postcard and they were great about stamping it at each spot.

Join me tomorrow as we continue our theme of Focus on Stamps.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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