Pony Express 1960 Commemorative Stamp

Today given that Google has a Google Doodle on their home page along with a game celebrating the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express and our theme this week is Focus on Stamps today we are looking at the Pony Express 1960 commemorative stamp and more.

The photo today shows the 1960 commemorative stamp issued for the 100th anniversary of the Pony Express – it is called the Pony Express centennial stamp 4c 1960 issue.      Source – by Bureau of Engraving and Printing; Imaging by Gwillhickers [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.  It was issued July 19, 1960, through the Sacramento, California, Post Office.

It was fun getting lost within the many links at the National Pony Express Association in looking around and getting some background on the Pony Express and their perspective if Buffalo Bill Cody was a Pony Express rider.

How much was a stamp for the Pony Express ?

When it started (1860) it cost $5.00 to send a 12-ounce (14 g) letter which was very expensive.   Towards the end (1861)  it was $1.00 per 12 ounce, still expensive.

More on today’s Google Doodle celebrating the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express

  • Be sure to view the Behind the Doodle of creating today’s Google Doodle  155th Anniversary of the Pony Express
  • There is also a great article posted today by the Christian Science Monitor “When was the first mail delivered via the Pony Express, asks Google Doodle” and it talks about the perspective that the challenges facing the Pony Express mirror those by the Postal Service today with technology (internet) compared to then (telegraph).
  • And check out 365 Letters blog today, Carla writes about today’s Google Doodle and the Pony Express National Museum.

What does all this mean?   One of the things it means is we are blessed to be able to send for one ounce First Class Letter for only 49 CENTS!  And it tells me by its popularity that we still cherish the Pony Express and its part in history.

The Stamp Club meets this evening and I’m so excited to attend my first event!  Join me tomorrow to hear a recap and we will continue our theme of Focus on Stamps!

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