Creating our own recipe cards

It is proving to be a fast-paced week – hard to believe it is already Thursday!     Today we begin using our supplies we have been rounding up!

I hope that you too have been enjoying better weather this week – it has been great when walking Cuddy.  Our walks have been finding lots of bunnies out and about but they did not distract us from our mission today to begin assembling our supplies from the scavenger hunt yesterday around the house and from going to the Dollar Store.

The elusive digital camera from yesterday was easily found today!

All photos shown today taken by Helen

In stopping by CVS earlier today I was able for less than $1.25 get a 3″ x 5″ soft plastic Index Card Case – they did not have recipe boxes and did not expect to find them there,  but this makes for a nice alternative and even with yesterday’s purchase am WELL under the $5 we have been striving to keep for money spent, if any.

In the photo to the right it shows the index cards where with my fountain pen have hand written “From the Kitchen of Helen”, “From the Kitchen of Aunt Helen”, and “From Aunt Helen’s Kitchen” and I embellished them with a sticker each from the package of reward stickers from yesterday’s purchase for 80 cents for 568 stickers!  Today’s cards I did by hand writing on them so even if a person has NO printer, NO special materials they can still do this fun quick project.      Tomorrow I will be showing what I’m able to do with them running them through my color HP printer as another option – for the header on them.   Again, the actual recipe we will want to hand write out and include in our letters.

I’ve decided the green Index card case being shown (above right) I’m going to send to a family member (do not want to give away the surprise here as everyone is a email subscriber to this blog!) and will include with my five completed recipe cards at the end of this week.

View of the supplies we gathered yesterday and the addition of the green Index Card Case for 3″X5″ added today

Give yourself a pat on the back for being able to juggle the demands of the work week and to be still following along with this fun kitchen project this week.  More tomorrow!

Anchors Aweigh,  





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