Now taking pre-orders for book !

It has been very exciting to find a printer who can accommodate my specs of having the first 100 blog posts from be in a hard cover book with every page in color in 8 1/2″ by 11″ format!  I will be my own publisher!

Yesterday I was sharing this progress with my Mom about having after four previous companies had found the one to be the printer!  And wham! – she pre-ordered my first book!  I insisted I would give her the first copy but she said, “No, it’s important that I buy it”!  And it has been like that with talking with each of My Three Muses’ – they have each already pre-ordered my first book.  And this is before I have even mentioned it here or know the title or the exact cost!

headerLogoThis is just like with beginning this blog – I did not wait until everything with my WordPress site was perfect – I started!   And so here we are with announcing this book.

There is a new application I’m going to be learning for creating my pages to provide for the printer: the pdf pages will be exported into Adobe InDesign in a PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002 format.  I’m still learning what all of this means.  On my project plan I have already figured out the ISBN number process and am now pursuing the Library of Congress for the copyright.   Who knew when sharing with my Mom, that she would mention about the Library of Congress –  “Oh, I have a book listed in the Library of Congress from years ago” – it’s amazing to me how after all these years to discover new stories! I continue to be so proud of her!

type_dreamstime_xs_30642602If you have an interest in expressing interest in pre-ordering the book please send me a email or use the contact form.   I will see if we can’t do something fun with recognizing those who express pre-order interest!  And of course the fun of signing them if a pre-order.  I’m still figuring out the pricing and am so happy to already know its going to be reasonable and not silly expensive as I was initially being quoted.  It has been an interesting process in finding a printer with my planned quantities and insisting on color for every page in this size.  Each blog entry will be its own page, and so with 100 blog posts there will be a 100 color pages, plus intro and other stuff one puts into a book.  You know that line from the movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise? Well she ‘had me at “Your Dad would be so proud” …

As we enter this Memorial Holiday Weekend I am mindful of our freedom we have every day.  I’ve already got a special blogpost planned for Memorial Day itself, and will have theme related for Saturday and Sunday posts.

If you have been dreaming of a stretch dream – be it taking that dream vacation, writing your own book, of planting your ‘secret garden’, of running a marathon – I encourage you to take advantage of this three-day-weekend (for a lot of you) and begin with baby steps.  We do not have to wait until it is all perfect!  And of course you already know I’m going to suggest you share it in a real letter with stamps and send it to your special buddy from all these years or a dear family member!
Anchors Aweigh,  





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