Paws-ing for May flowers

Today on this is third visit by our family dog, Cuddy.

Good morning!  In Today’s blog I am sharing photos taken early this morning “in search of May flowers” as my dog-Mom Helen explained it to me.

This morning while out on my first walk of the day we brought along a camera for us to capture some photos.

My dog-Mom was saying “April showers bring May flowers and this morning we are looking for some of them.  This will be fun!”

Somewhere in here is that bumblebee that I was focused on meeting!  All photos shown today were taken by Cuddy’s dog-Mom Helen.

Our first stop was this grouping of flowers right in our backyard.   It took several tries to end up with the photo you see showcased in the upper left today of me!   There was a bumblebee I was fixed on staring at all the while she took my photo!

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small.  We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.”  – Goergia O’Keeffe

While out so early this morning the sun was overcast but that’s okay!

Next we came across another flower, this one was up higher in a ‘tree’ and is shown here with a lovely white flower.

“The Amen of nature is always a flower.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

In the daily rush to get everything done do we stop and paws to see what is right in front of us?   What looks ‘everyday’ to me takes on new viewing when slowing down and seeing – like in this example through the lens of a camera for my dog-Mom Helen .  However, let’s remember that I am closer to the ground when out walking so I see it differently anyway!

There were no more ‘bumblebee’ sightings by us and not even a bunny this morning!   We did see several of the neighborhood dogs that were out on their leashes too enjoying the morning cooler weather!  There was no humidity yet so it was still nice and cool!

“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

P1010668If you are new to reading blog you can see my previous two postings:  My debut blog post was on March 17 Paws-ing for St. Patrick’s and then on April 12 there was Paws-ing to Type.   I have been able to negotiate my standard guest-blog fee and shown below you see a photo of the standard three biscuits from Costco!

Cuddy’s standard guest blog fee.

Will you consider grabbing your camera this upcoming Memorial Day Holiday weekend and take some photos?   Maybe you will consider printing off one and including in a letter to a good friend!

And there you have it!   I’m off to enjoy my blog fee although it is not all given to me at once!

Wishing you a paws-itively great day,  Cuddy




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