Thank you!

It is always a joy to receive a hand written/hand printed Thank You note!   How about you?  

While we can email, or text or even phone someone – the Thank You note can be re-read and remembered.  

They can be Thank You notes, letters, birthday cards, invitations, and/or announcements – the list goes on —  I enjoy tucking them into my Anchored Scraps Correspondence Hat Box for sentimental safekeeping.

One of the classes I still refer back to and am so glad I went through is the Dale Carnegie Sales Training program.  It was while I was working in my first professional job right after graduating from College – the company sent me through the 12 week class; the class size was about thirty people and we met each Monday evening.

At the Dale Carnegie blog (On Twitter @DaleCarnegiefrom April 22, 2010 there is this article worth mentioning: The Lost Art of the Thank You Note”: Give Honest, Sincere Appreciation”.

It includes a six-step formula for expressing appreciation in a written note:
Greet the Giver”; 2) “Express Gratitude”; 3) “Discuss Use”; 4) “Another Thank You”; 5) “Complimentary Close”; and most important: 6) “Send It.”

How are you doing in making the time to send Thank You cards to our friends and family?  If you are a bit rusty or learning as a new letter writer on what exactly one should put into their Thank You note there is a very well written blog post on (On Twitter @365Letters) from May 18, 2015: How to Write a Thank You Note“.   If the site sounds familiar, it is – writer Carla McKeown designed and customized the Anchored Scraps Address Book which was announced here on April 29th!

Yesterday I received a hand printed Thank You note and it was especially cherished as it was thanking me for the starter box of stationery items in the little kit I had put together for them to start writing letters.

Thank you for being along on this journey with me and reading my daily blog posts.   There are several email subscribers to my blog that I know personally have read every single blog post since I began blogging on February 26th!  One person shared with me they had learned of my site after I had already begun posting and so then went back and caught up – wow!   There are several who have shared with me they catch up by reading a week at a time.   I’m delighted you make the time to join me here whether it is every day or several at a time you made the time and with that I close with a sincere Thank You!

Anchors Aweigh,  






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