Christmas in July (Santa Paws) (& July 2015 AnchoredScraps Recap)

With today being the last day of July, it is last call for “Christmas in July” themed blog posts, here at – and with that we have a returning guest today, this is his fifth visit to blog here, our family dog Cuddy.

Dear Santa Paws (& blog reader),

Thank you for joining me today as we look around ‘one more time’ for advance Christmas planning.   Today I am writing to share with you my ideas for PAWS-ing now and to consider our Christmas plans.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • This year consider giving personalized stationery – complete with monograms!  Now is a wonderful time to place your orders, there is plenty of time and you can avoid any rush shipping charges.  This way you avoid choosing something else as the gift because you ran out of time.
  • Select and order now those Christmas themed Return Address labels that you secretly drool over from the catalogs each year thinking to yourself, ‘next year’…  – THIS is next year!   This goes for those pre-inked address return self-inking stamps.
  • Christmas photo cards! — Now is a great time to round everyone up and get THAT family photo made with everyone.  It is fine if your beach family photo is what you show in December on your cards.   If you decide that by Labor Day you will have taken and decided on the family photo – then you can take advantage and place your order early and by October have gotten ‘one more thing’ out of the way!
  • This one is very much for me – now is the time to consider any special gifts from Santa Paws (or Santa Claws) for your four-legged family members.
  • Consider putting together a Santa letter writing kit – now – that you will then use in November.
  • Now is a great time to take inventory and decide on a Christmas DVD and/or music CD to add to your Christmas library.  And while at it, order it now!
Message from Cuddy – “This continues to be my negotiated standard guest-blog fee – my customary three biscuits from Costco – even when writing Santa Paws in July! Photo taken by dog-Mom Helen.”

My portrait shown today is from Christmas 2008, my first Christmas with my forever family!  Attribution: Photo shown (upper left) of Cuddy in 2008, by Dick Parrott Photographer.  It was from a photo fundraiser event.

If you are new to reading blog you can see my previous guest postings:  My debut blog post was on March 17 Paws-ing for St. Patrick’s and included sharing my story of being matched with my forever family in July 2008 through the American Brittany Rescue (on Twitter@ABrittanyRescue); on April 12 Paws-ing to Type; on May 21 Paws-ing for May flowers and on June 11 Pool Season (has arrived).

Thank you for the Adoptiversary cards I received earlier in the month.  It was a wonderful day and included a very eventful meeting – there was a brown snake that was making its way across my yard – we named him Sydney!

If we do some planning NOW and make some decisions I know we will be so glad once we are in the throws of the Holidays.

Wishing you a paws-itively Christmas-in-July-planning-for-it-now-greetings, Cuddy


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Christmas in July (Santa Paws) (& July 2015 AnchoredScraps Recap)





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