Summer Continues (& our projects!)

We are nearing the end of July 2015 and will be moving into August this weekend.  Today we are reviewing where we are with our letter-writing themed projects. 

The intent is to take action to ‘finally get around to squeezing’ into the remaining weeks we have prior to Fall activities are upon us!

Do you have a special something that needs to be sent in for repairs? If you send it in now – then you will have it this Fall when we start moving indoors.     “Dad’s typewriter(from May 30) is almost ready to come home!  They called to share for some reason the 1/4 and 1/2 keys stuck together and are being extra baby care taking care of it.

Print out of personalized form note (template) from July 07, “When letters go unanswered (& suggested solution)”. Photo taken by Helen on July 29, 2015.

Is there something you meant to order (catalog/online/custom order) that you have meant to but haven’t gotten around to ordering yet?   I’m delighted that the sealing wax (from June 07, “In praise of sealing wax for finishing our letters”) that I ordered finally arrived and have been happy to save a lot of money by ordering and just allowing for the long delivery time.

Did you get a chance to try out the “Kid’s Summer Letter Writing Club: For Boys and Girls 1st-5th Grades Kindle Edition” ? This was from June 29th blog post.  I’ve actually met a few of our new neighbors and can see where we may be able to have a few weeks to squeeze into the Summer!

From July 07, “When letters go unanswered (& suggested solution)” I was able to print off onto the paper I had found at Fed Ex the template onto that paper.   See photo on right of example printed out by Helen.

In “Pressed Flowers (Stationery) – from earlier this week, July 27, I’m excited about being able to take advantage of ‘fresh’ flower arrangements at the grocery store that are on their last legs and on sale – to use for having them Pressed for including with future letters!

Have you made it to the Post Office to get any of the new stamps we have chatted about and shared here on

May 09 Special Olympics commemorative forever stamp debuts today
May 18 Forever® Forget-Me-Not stamp debuts today
May 25 Memorial
Forever® Medal of Honor stamp debuts today
June24 Summer Harvest Stamps (& Farmer’s Market)
July06 New Stamps on Horizon: Bergman, Newman, & Presley

There is still time to make things happen.  Consider this a pat on the back if you are already underway and encouragement if you have not to begin!
Anchors Aweigh,  





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