Seein’ Stars Stamps (‘Cinderella’ stamps)

Today we are looking at Seein’ Stars stamps from the 1930’s.  I first came across them on May 27 when looking for stamps of classic movie stars.  It turns out in checking with my stamp club friend with the Wilmington Philatelic Society they are what are called by stamp collectors as “Cinderellas” or sometimes just labels. With today’s post I realize it is just scratching the surface but I wanted to go ahead and introduce us to the topic.  

My stamp club friend emailed me back sharing:  “They are not postage stamps and of course have no postal function.  They are collectable but the community of collectors is small.  Cinderellas have been produced for almost any reason you can think of – Toys, games, advertising giveaways, personal use, and on and on.  Many are privately printed. “

Attribution: This is a ‘Seein’ Stars Stamp of Carole Lombard. “Lombard appeared in two of the three stamp series. Her image was #13 of the third series, and ran on Dec. 1, 1940. ” From the Carole & Co. website.

Carole & Co. – Reflections on Carole Lombard & classic Hollywood

This is the site that started my discovery of these Cinderella stamps – as I had been looking for a stamp with William Powell.   From the September 21, 2012 blog post ‘Seein’ Stars’ in the stamps’ article.

It is a really fun site to explore – definitely worth checking out especially if you are a fan of hers!   There were tweets referencing latest blog posts at The Classic Movie Blog Association a group of blogs dedicated to the celebration of classic cinema.  (On Twitter @CMBA_Feed)

Attribution:  The image upper left from the Carole & Co. website of ‘Seein’ Stars in the stamps’: Wiliam Powell, Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, and Barbara Stanwyck.


Seein’ Stars Movie Star Stamps

On the The Movie Card Website run by Troy Kirk there is the page on Seein’ Stars Movie Star Stamps with three groups of checklists:  Seein’ Stars Stamps (1934-1935 – Black and White) for a total of 65 black and white stamps, Seein’ Stars Stamps (1938 – Black and White) for 224 total black and white stamps, and Seein’ Stars Stamps (1940-1942 Color) for 100 total color stamps. Each stamp was produced in a single color, including pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, green, and more.. .”

Attribution:  Seein’ Stars Stamp – Tracy.

“These were included as part of a newspaper and were intended to be cut out of the newspaper and saved. They are designed to look like stamps, though they do not have adhesive on the back. Each stamp contains a number and the last name only for the pictured movie star… Seein’ Stars stamps were created by Feg Murray and were part of the newspaper. Murray put together a group of drawings of movie stars and interesting quick facts about the stars along with a Seein’ Stars Stamp of a movie star for the newspapers.”

Attribution: From Carole & Co website blogpost on ‘Seein’ Stars Stamps: “The Philadelphia Story” was one of the big hits of 1940, and here are two of its stars (the only film they ever made together) — Cary Grant and James Stewart. ”

Thank you to Wilmington Philatelic Society, Carole & Co., and Troy Kirk with his site hosting Seein’ Stars Movie Star Stamps and @CMBA_Feed who are referenced in today’s blog post.

Here’s to continuing to be curious and exploring new & old things!  Join me tomorrow for Wednesday’s blog post and a fun update with my new desk!

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