Did you see Stamps category on ‘Jeopardy!’ ? Thanks to Linn’s Stamps News

Did you happen to see Jeopardy! on Monday, September 21? 

Yesterday the television game show featured a category “Stamps” during that episode.   

The show has featured stamps on previous episodes including February 17 and May 4th.

Over on Linn’s Stamp News site they posted an article about it earlier today.

From that blog post:

“Following the familiar answer-and-question format of the show, the category on the first Jeopardy game board contained five clues about recent United States postage stamps. The three contestants vied to respond to each with an appropriate question.

The $200 clue, for example, stated “These structures depicted on stamps include ones from Boston Harbor & New London Harbor.”

Reigning Jeopardy! champion Natalie Lips correctly asked “What are lighthouses?”

Both of the lighthouses mentioned are in the New England Coastal Lighthouses forever stamp set of 2013 (Scott 4791-4795).

2015sept22_linnsStamps_jeopardyThe article goes on to describe the other four stamps that were questioned:

“The other four clues led the contestants to correctly come up with questions about the 2015 Medal of Honor forever stamps (Scott 4988), the Water Lilies forever stamps (4964-4967), the Julia Child stamp in the Celebrity Chefs issue (4926), and last year’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stamp set (4946-4949).”

So there we have it!   See if you can notice if any other game shows (or television shows in general) showcase any stamps during the rest of the month of September.  OR you could be queing up your knowledge of stamps showcased here on past blog posts for our own version of Jeopardy! in an upcoming episode.   It could provide handy when asked, “Quick tell me the name of the U.S. stamp that was featured on Helen’s AnchoredScraps.com 200th blog post!

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Image of Tweet of Linn’s Stamp News  (On Twitter @LinnsStampNews).   Linn’s Stamp News @LinnsStampNews  ‘Jeopardy!’ runs Stamps category Sept. 21 @Jeopardy.  Includes image of U.S. Postal Service Julia Child stamp from the Celebrity Chefs issue. (@USPSStamps)

September 13 “Celebrating blog post 200!”  by Helen, AnchoredScraps.com




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