Form Letters

You know those form letters you get in the mail that because they inserted your name (in a different color font) that it is supposed to make you feel it was personalized for you?   Have you ever received one of those form letters?

Well today I received a form letter of apology from the car maker for my 2014 diesel station wagon.    While I do not think the writer was insincere I could not but help want to add extra words and insert what the ‘real message’ that wasn’t written anywhere but was shouting itself to me.      The crispness of the message was pretty obvious a Public Relations expert had scrutinized every word.

dreamstime_xs_18544136Perhaps if the letter had been hand written, truly hand written, and even if it just said “We are sorry” it would have felt more sincere.

At this point the jury is out if I will be selling my car or will take a wait and see approach.

The point is I really think they should have thought about why a form letter for something so big of a boo-boo.  Stay tuned.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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