Typewriter Tuesday: Dad’s Typewriter is back!

Today is truly a Typewriter Tuesday with the arrival via UPS of my Dad’s Typewriter – it is now back
after being away for what I have been calling its spa visit! 

My blog post today was typed on Dad’s Typewriter, here is the text of it (image included too of the typed message).


October 06, 2015

Dear AnchoredScraps.com blog reader,

IT arrived back home today via UPS having been with an expert typewriter repair.  None of the keys stick.  There is a new ribbon.

IT – my Dad’s Typewriter – had been away at Spruill’s Business Machines in Edenton, NC.  The diagnostics had been done and his Olympia SM5, 1964, was cleaned and lubricated, relieved binds and reverse, and escape mechanism.   

LOVE the NOTE — “needs to be used often to prevent parts sticking.”

I am beyond delighted!  Will send in tomorrow’s snail mail note to them saying
Thank YOU!


The cost of repairs was very reasonable and even with adding the costs of shipping there and back – it was well worth it to now be able to have a functional typewriter that my Dad spent so many hours writing at over the years.   

If you are new to my blog you may have missed these previous posts about it – beginning with Dad’s typewriter on May 30.   Here is an excerpt:

“It is the story of the typewriter which is why I cherish it – it is the typewriter that my Dad traveled with around the world and used as a technical writer on engineering projects.   The typewriter case still has some of the original tags on it from traveling.  This typewriter along with his guitar were the two items to make it out with him and my three older brothers when they were airlifted out of East Pakistan in September/October of 1965 during a dispute with India.       In high school my Dad insisted I take typing and learn how to type which has served me well…”   P1010944

Other posts about this special typewriter were included in these blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.com:  June 23: Celebrating International Typewriter Day on July 23: The Rest of the Story“; and July 29: Summer Continues (& our projects!).   And then August 21: Plan B (Backup planning) when it was picked back up and decided to locate a place that specializes in Typewriters.  That blog post was followed by September 29 Just my type ! with an update that it was progressing nicely.

How about you ? Do you have something that may be a bit dated with technology but you would really like to get it working again and to use it?   It has been a fun project and one I’ll be including stories about in my letters – especially since now some of them will be typed with this cherished typewriter!

Here’s to enjoying our links to the past while embracing today and looking to the future.

Anchors Aweigh,  



Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today –

All images today taken by Helen Rittersporn of her Dad’s Typewriter, October 06, 2015 – just arrived back today from being away for repairs.

Spruill’s Business Machines, inc. – Sales and Service –  Edenton, North Carolina

AnchoredScraps.com blog posts:  Dad’s typewriter May 30, 2015;  Celebrating International Typewriter Day“, June 23;  The Rest of the Story” July 23; Summer Continues (& our projects!)” July 29; Plan B (Backup planning) August 21;  and Just my type !” September 29 – all written by Helen Rittersporn.



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