Revisiting the Rainbow Bridge

If you are not familiar with the poem “Rainbow Bridge” then you may have not learned of it from previously losing a beloved pet.   Dogs and Cats alike are what I typically think of who are at the Rainbow Bridge.  

Over seven years ago I first learned of the poem when we lost our beloved dog of almost fifteen years – and it got to the point with each condolence card we received – we would ask before opening it would it also contain the Rainbow Bridge poem?  There are so many greeting cards that feature the poem now and will usually have beautiful artwork of a bridge with a rainbow and pets crossing over it on the cover with the poem.

Back in the summer, in my blog post “Remembering our pets knows no season (hanky alert)“,  I shared the story about Christmas Eve at the Rainbow Bridge and how special that story is and I am still not able to read it without eyes swelling up with tears of joy remembering her.

Today I am making the time to write out a letter and send to the dog-Dad who lost Tigger yesterday.  This morning I got the early morning phone call with this sad news and we reminisced about her. It was a phone call I was expecting after the early morning call yesterday with a status.  She was 15 years old, an Australian Cattle dog and lived on a ranch out west.    And so in my letter today I will introduce the Rainbow Bridge, and what I call the companion to the Rainbow Bridge for Christmas Eve.  It is important to remember  and honor our family members that were our pets!

What I want to stress is HOW MUCH those cards and letters meant that we received and still have them tucked into her scrapbook.   So if you know someone who has recently lost a pet I encourage you to take a few minutes and send a note.   The fact that you took the time is especially noted and helpful in the healing process and going through the grief.

In looking around for a printable pdf of the poem, I came across the website and their Resources page includes recommended reading with list of Childrens’ Books and Adults’ Books for grief loss of your pet.  That page includes their list with links to some Pet Loss Websites.

So today I am adding Tigger to my list  from that blog post I closed with this summer on August 11 with today’s closing.

Here’s to sending love to those pets we remember:  Tigger, Mollie, Nicoal, Amber, Bunky, Mozart, Whisky and Brandy, Quin, Leo, Crash, Yoda, Puddi, Deli, Odie, (& others) who are etched on our hearts.

Anchors Aweigh,  



Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today – blog post: “Remembering our pets knows no season (hanky alert)” August 11, 2015 by Helen Rittersporn.

Rainbow Bridge Walk Blog post: Rainbow Bridge with printable copy.  Be sure to view the Resources page which includes recommended reading with list of Childrens’ Books and Adults’ Books.



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