Garage Sale Saturday

This morning was the neighborhood-wide garage sale.  I knew it was remote to hope to come across an old stamp collection or even bundles of old letters with the postage still on the old envelopes or even to find some great books from someone decluttering their bookcases.

The fun thing about garage sales is you never know what you are going to find!

Today was actually the rescheduled date as it was rained out last week.  Probably 90% of all the sales were conducted with garage doors opened and nothing in the driveway or in the yards given today’s weather.   What was amazing though is that for those who DID participate they had much more interest because not that many houses were participating.

At 6:30 am this morning while out walking Cuddy there was a stream of cars already driving by to see if they could be THAT early bird for the garage sale and I think hope to find some amazing find for $5!  As far as stopping to shop while out on our walk – there were GREAT finds and I found myself having to swing back by to actually pay and pick up the items once I was done with our walk.

dreamstime_xs_26638583Who knew in the midst of intermittent rain that it could be so much fun and rewarding!   It never POURED and it looked like others were having success with buying and selling.

So what did I end up finding ?  New treasures included acquiring two sets of vintage pillow cases – someone was letting go of cherished pillow cases in great condition that had 2 inch hand crocheted borders.  They were down sizing and shared these had been made by her mother many years ago.     There was a crocheted afghan never used and absolutely beautiful that now has a place in our guest room.  Finding a linen table runner in the autumn color scheme was unexpected.

If on a future Saturday you are getting ready to do some yard-sailing and the weather is iffy – GO ANYWAY!   You may end up being unexpectedly rewarded!   And please let me know if you come across a box of old letters or stamp collection that called out your name!


Anchors Aweigh,  




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