Motivational Monday: Importance of Backups

Welcome to a new week here at!   Hope it is off to a good start for you.   On this Monday my focus is on having us motivated to put a routine into place for running data backups.

Would you be upset if you lost some of your letters – albeit electronic – in the form of email(s)?

After posting over 200 blog posts here – this evening has been a new experience with having the site unavailable for a very long five minutes – all while getting the previous ‘good’ functions php file put back into place.   I won’t do that again!

dreamstime_xs_32459331This has gotten me to thinking — when was the last time you ran backups on your computer?  How about your LinkedIn list of contacts – have you exported to a csv file lately all of your contacts?   What about the Outlook address book?  My March 28th blog post on “.csv is 4 me” walked us through how to export from Microsoft Outlook to a .csv file.

Perhaps we can think of kicking off each week with running a full backup on Monday – followed by incremental backups during the week if needed.  If you are backing up to the cloud then you have probably already gone through getting it all set up.  Maybe you are backing up your online data with an automated daily backup service.  There are so many options available!

The important thing is to take action and decide the what, when, and frequency for your backups and mark it onto your calendar!

Anchors Aweigh,  








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