November 2015 Recap

Happy Monday as we look at the November 2015 Recap!  Welcome to a new week here at .

Today we are looking at a recap of the blog posts for the month of November 2015 along with the blog post number which is included (in table format). 

Today is blog post #278! November 2015 Recap

Image Date Title Daily Blog Post #
 dreamstime_xs_11253140 November 01, 2015 November goals #249
dreamstime_xs_52957458_square November 02


Over the Rainbow Bridge #250
dreamstime_xs_11224805_square November 03


“Day by Day” #251
November 04


Footprints (& pawprints) #252
IAN_FLEMING_1908-1964_Creator_of_James_Bond_lived_here November 05


“Bond, James Bond” #253
FountainPenDay2015 November 06


Fountain Pen Day #254
wedding cake November 07


Anniversaries for the heart #255
dreamstime_xs_32625760 November 08


Cuddy’s Quilt #256
dreamstime_xs_34213689 November 09


New Stamps in 2016 Sneak Peek #257
DistinguishedMarines2005_FourDesigns November 10


Semper FI & Sesame Street #258
11nov15 veterans day flags November 11


Veterans Day – November 11, 2015 #259
dreamstime_xs_23257230 November 12


Autumn Potpourri #260
dreamstime_xs_36484177 November 13


Prayers for Paris #261
dreamstime_xs_40345715 November 14


Coloring book postcards #262
dreamstime_xs_39598258 November 15


Letter Openers #263
OklahomaMusicalStamp_square November 16


Oklahoma! #264
dreamstime_xs_35527015_square November 17


 17 #265
dreamstime_xs_780784 November 18


Time for tea & sending out

Thanksgiving cards/notes/letters

dreamstime_xs_29841427 November 19

Thankful Stationery

dreamstime_xs_1671275_square November 20


Now is the time… #268
tweetyUSStamp_individual_square November 21


Saturday morning –

I tawt I taw a tweety bird!

CR_270_jct November 22


#270 daily blog posts #270
TurkeyMailboxRanchImageWithPermission November 23


The Mailbox Ranch (LLC) #271
ace-logo November 24


Art Cover Exchange (ACE) #272
dreamstime_xs_19533794_square November 25


The flight of the bumblebee (for time mgmt) #273
signingOfMayflowerCompactStamp November 26


Happy Thanksgiving 2015 #274
dreamstime_xs_31305218 November 27


“Funny Letters From Famous People”

(Charles Osgood)

dreamstime_xs_56772265 November 28


Songs of Doo Wop Letters #276
dreamstime_xs_25195829 November 29


 One more… #277
dreamstime_xs_34345376 November 30


November 2015 Recap #278


Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog post journey with me.  This was a hard month with losing our cherished family dog Cuddy and your sincere condolences have meant a lot.  It was the first month to not have him as a monthly guest blogger.   His memory quilt made of his dog bandanas is coming along beautifully – look for more photos on it in December.    And just think of it – the daily blog post #300 will be realized before Christmas!  

Wishing everyone a great week ahead as tomorrow we kick off the month of December 2015!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

Images shown above of U.S. Stamps from November 7, 10, 16, 21, and 26 were each listed with attributions with their respective blog post on dates listed:

  • November 07: new 2-ounce stamp Wedding Cake, pane of 20, June 1, 2015 USPS stamp @USPSStamps
  • November 10: “Image shown upper left of Distinguished Marines @USPS.   About them:  Distinguished Marines commemorative stamps – four designs, 37-cent, 2005.  “These stamps commemorate four legendary marines who served with bravery and distinction during the twentieth century: John Basilone, Daniel J. Daly, John A. Lejeune, and Lewis B. Puller.”   @PostalMuseum”
  • November 16: “Image shown above: Oklahoma! USPS stamp from website: Mystic Stamp Company  #2767-70 – 1993 29c Broadway Musicals”
  • November 21: “Image shown upper left today USPS 32-cent Sylvester & Tweety commemoriatve stamp Scott#3204 from 1998″
  • November 26: “Image shown upper left #550 – 1920 Pilgrim Tercentenary Issue of the Signing of the Compact 5 cent U.S. Stamp”

The November 05, 06, 19, 22, 23, and 24 images shown above attributions are listed at each respective blog post link.

__________Addendum: Note the table format updated April 26, 2018 with resizing of header images along with formatting in paragraphs above the table for SEO



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