“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

One year the book club I was in decided for our December meeting that year we would all take turns reading aloud from “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.

We obviously condensed it to fit the time for the book club meeting but it was a lot of fun!   I’m going to need to write one of the members and reconnect and will share remembering that episode of the meeting of the book club.

Cover “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” book by Barbara Robinson.

Have you read it?  The book is a real hoot and worth getting out this Holiday season.

“It tells the story of Imogene, Claude, Ralph, Leroy, Ollie, and Gladys, six delinquent children surnamed Herdman who engage in misfit behavior for their age such as smoking, drinking jug wine, and shoplifting. They go to church for the first time after being told that the church offers snacks.  Despite protests from other church members, they are given roles in the Sunday school’s Christmas play, in which they tell the Christmas story in a nonconventional fashion.”

The book was written in 1971 and the Author later adapted it into a play and also for a television movie in 1983 starring Loretta Swit.

This YouTube is for a Trailer of a production of the play – by “The Barn Players Inc. – in operation since 1950, are the oldest amateur theatre group in the state of Montana.”

Cover from “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” DVD. 60 minutes length. Starring Loretta Swit.

If you do not already have the book I hope you will consider adding to your Christmas library.  Here’s to many future readings of the book!

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