Jack LaLanne Reads a Letter

Jack LaLanne Reads a Letter is today’s topic as we continue the countdown to Friday’s milestone of blogging daily for a year here at AnchoredScraps!  Today’s blog title could just as easily be entitled “Jack LaLanne, That Sugar Film, and Me”.

This last week I watched “That Sugar Film” (2015) and in the movie it includes a nod to Jack LaLanne.     The movie got me to go re-discover Jack LaLanne – my Roku device let me add a free Jack LaLanne channel and it had a Jack LaLanne Premium Channel too, which I have not investigated yet.   My book arrived today by UPS and what a delight it is to now be pouring over “Revitalize Your Life After 50” (written in 1995) by Jack LaLanne.   He lived to be 96 years of age so this book must have been written when he was 81!  One of the things I already love about this book is how in the first chapter Jack LaLanne says: “Old age is someone twenty years older than yourself.”  

Jack LaLanne Reads a Letter

If you go over to MeTV on their Episode 18: Wednesday that episode from The Jack LaLanne Show (debuted in 1951 and ran until 1985).  The episode begins with Jack reading a letter (we would call it a snail mail today) from a viewer and it is used to help motivate the “sitters” out there to be a happy “doer” to take part in that day’s trimnastics.

His reading the letter is in the first two minutes of the video.


“Exercise is king and diet is queen; put them together and you’ve got an empire.” – Jack LaLanne

One of the things my Dad was always mindful and encouraging was to keep the weight off and in his late 70’s could still do his “tippy-toes” as he called them.   This past September my blog post on the Garmin Vivofit2 Tracker shared my enthusiasm for my new activity tracker.  I’m already looking ahead to my Year 2 of blogging here daily which I anticipate including tracking updates with my LifeSpan treadmill and encouraging diet and fitness themes woven in with our personal correspondence.  We all have certainly written in our letters updates on our weight and/or if we are or getting ready to be on a diet!

Friday is fast approaching and  I’m excited about the future!  Thank you for joining me today for Jack LaLanne Reads a Letter and for continuing to be on this journey with me!   

Anchors Aweigh,  


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