365 Daily blog posts

Today marks 365 Daily blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.com! Today’s blog post finds me using the same Anchor image that greeted my first blog post here 365 days ago – “There’s Been Talk!”.  Tomorrow will mark my One Year Anniversary since launching!  The blog was started during Lent and finds us back here a year later during Lent.

365 Daily blog posts

This still resonates with me from what I’ve learned from writing 365 Daily blog posts:  “Any tendency for procrastination must be contained within 24 hours each day because the time stamp is going to occur regardless.   I have reached a compromise that while the time each day I post may vary what is important is that I post daily.   What we do during each 24 hour period does make a difference in reaching our goals – and it is important to not just think about it but to actually take action.” – from my Celebrating blog post 200! 

Here are some items I wanted to share today recalling from writing 365 Daily blog posts here at AnchoredScraps

We’ve covered letter writing from a lot of correspondence theme related aspects woven in among lots of stamps, fountain pens, typewriters, pen pals, sharing books, movies and music, scrapbooking, stationery, post cards, we even had my old sewing machine, Dad’s old camera, historical this-day-in-history tie-ins, and letter writing related to the Holidays included Easter and Christmas.

dreamstime_xs_38251450It was a delight to be able to post this news in my January 24th blog post – “It has been a honor to find out this weekend my blog post “Keep Moving” – Celebrating Dick Van Dyke’s 90th Birthday! was recognized in the Empire.Kred Blogathon 2015 Results under the category “Special Awards from the Blogathon Organisers” as one of their favourite blogs!  The entry had been suggested to be entered and it has been so much fun to participate.”

Imagination is so important – whether they be Oompa Loompas or inspiration from the books by Bill Zimmerman – i.e. “Make Beliefs: A Gift For Your Imagination”.


Patriotism has been a recurring theme which included U.S. stamps, there was the July 4th blog post sharing the poem “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE” by Kelly Strong; it was special to share having gotten to email with him prior to posting.   There was “Dear Miss Liberty: Letters to the Statue of Liberty” in June, and earlier this week it was a treat to get to talk with the Author, Lynn Bundesen on the phone!   There were the poignant envelope covers from my stamp club friend 9 – 11 Commemoration.  And we cannot forget Wreaths Across America, nor the letter writing opportunities that Homefront Hugs and Love for the Elderly offer.


Dad’s typewriter  is one of my favorite blog posts.   It has been a joy to share these blog posts with my Mom and family.   Over the Rainbow Bridge was the hardest blog post I wrote – it was about losing our beloved family dog Cuddy.  Being able to have that photo with my Dad and Cuddy is so special – who knew when it was taken when Dad visited a few years ago that we would loose them both in the same year, 2015, both unexpectedly.  Cuddy’s Quilt is almost ready for its debut and I look forward to sharing that in the next few weeks.

Finding locations to blog from when away for the day and looking for wi-fi has been fun and some of these blog posts were posted thanks to McDonald’s and other wi-fi spots!

Thank you to my email blog subscribers here who every day receive an email from me in their in-box!   My heartfelt thanks to my husband who has read every blog post;  My Three Muses (Ellen, Tally, and Deb) who have been truly inspiring; my stamp club friend at the Wilmington Philatelic Society whose knowledge of U.S. stamps is amazing; my friend Shelly Holt at Scrap and Design who made the AnchoredScraps Correspondence Hat Boxes and custom stationery a reality; and Carla McKeown who designed the The Anchored Scraps Address Book.  Again, thank you to my dear friends who have read every single blog post!

Join me Tomorrow for our One Year Anniversary since launching!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

All blog posts referenced here are from AnchoredScraps.com written by Helen Rittersporn

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