Leap Year Letters 2016

Leap Year Letters 2016 is today’s blog post – on Leap Year Day!  Happy Monday!

Today we are looking at writing Leap Year Letters and taking a quick note of the Leap Year Festival in Anthony, Texas.

We know the routine – once every four years we get an extra day inserted onto the calendar!     It was interesting to see today that some of my perpetual books I read did not include a page for today, February 29th, including “The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar”.  

Leap Year Letters 2016

One of the fun things we can do with this extra day and to make it memorable for ourselves is to write a letter to ourselves and then plan to open it on the next leap day in 2020.    Perhaps you can send it to yourself with “Do Not Open Until February 29, 2020” on it!    Some of the things you can include are any goal setting.  It could be written to your future self of how you project you and your life to be four years from now.  Have fun with it!

Leap Year Festival in Anthony, Texas

Did you know there is a National Leap Year Festival in Anthony, Texas ? It is part of the worldwide leap year festival.

“Every four years leap year babies from around the world make their way to Anthony, Texas, to be a part of the worldwide leap year festival.  The town is the self-proclaimed leap year capital of the world.”  (Image on right)

Just how many people have a birthday on Leap Year Day?   There is a Reuters article I came across from four years ago which said there are over 200,000 “leapers” in the U.S. and just under 5 million worldwide!

Here’s to taking a few minutes to write ourselves (and a few others) Leap Year Letters to be opened at the next Leap Year Day – in 2020!  

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