Worlds Smallest Postal Service

On this Sunday afternoon it is a delight to share the very creative Worlds Smallest Postal Service.

In addition there are many beautiful items worth exploring on its Leafcutter Designs website.  It is easy to get lost looking amid the may items offered, i.e. Creative Promotional Goods includes Seed Money, Trade Tokens, Punch Boxes, Tiny Mail, Wood Dice, Paper Goods, and Textiles.  Their Recipe Dice helps resolve the What’s for Dinner endless questions we all at some time face!   The LeafCutterDesigns site even offers Trade Shows, and Promotional Mailings options, and many more items.  

Worlds Smallest Postal Service

The Worlds Smallest Postal Service by creator Lea Redmond offers the ability to send snail mail with a twist – tiny letters and cards with 21 original designs from which to choose, tiny packages, and tiny tooth fairy letters.  There is even the The World’s Smallest Post Service DIY Activity Kit to create your home version.

For my stamp, scrapbooking, knitting, and in general craft savvy and craft newby friends –  be sure to spend some time in the LeafcutterDesigns Blog as their how-to’s that are shared is really wonderful.

The blog posts includes from April for National Letter Writing Month – “Letters To My Giveaway: Tell Us About Your Favorite Letter” posted by her brother Devin Redmond.   Leafcutter Designs are the creators of the Letters To My book series which I’ll cover in a future blog post.

Not to give the surprise away to my family and friends who read my daily blog here – just let me say the gift ideas here are fantastic – and I will definitely be spending some time here!

Here’s to a fantastic Sunday ahead and remembering that good things do come in small packages!   Join me tomorrow for my Monday blog post as we kick off a new week here at
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Leaf Cutter Designs Creative Promotional Goods;  Letters To My series blog post “Letters To My Giveaway: Tell Us About Your Favorite Letter” by Devin Redmond 

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