Best Card Company Thank You Notes

The Best Card Company Thank You Notes is daily blog post number 499 today.   The Typewriter themed set of note cards are available in Thank You and Blank options.

The drumroll is beginning its countdown to my 500th Daily Blog post tomorrow!

Happy Friday!  The image shown upper left is the typewriter themed Just My Type note cards.  It shows ten different note cards of close-ups of old manual typewriters.  In addition I’m including the In The Mail assorted note cards showcasing old rural mail boxes.

From their website, The Best Card Company was “Launched in 2015 at the National Stationery Show in NYC, The Best Card Company offers a broad collection of everyday and seasonal designs...”   There is also their Digital Downloads section on the site to check out.  Over at Amazon The Best Card Company has its own shoppe.

Manual Thanks
Best Thank You Note

Best Card Company Thank You NotesAbout the Manual Thanks: “Here’’s an old-fashioned way to say thanks: in a handwritten note on notecards featuring retro images of manual typewriters. In the days before email and computers, the manual typewriter was the first machine used for correspondence and the origin of the QWERTY keyboard that many of us use today. Send a little nostalgia someone’s way along with your words of appreciation.”

In The Mail
Best Thank You Note

Best Card Company Thank You NotesThe In The Mail themed note cards are available as Thank You cards, All Occasion, or as blank that come with white envelopes.

“Mail boxes overflowing with Thanks! Stunning, striking black and white photos of old rural mailboxes offer a unique opportunity to deliver messages of gratitude and appreciation. Lined up along picket fences and walls, the multiple weathered mail boxes remind us of a time when the best things came in the mail. The black and white mail box-themed photographic note card collection comes with a greeted “Thank You” message or a blank version ideal for correspondence.”

Thank you for joining me today for Best Card Company Thank You Notes.

Join me tomorrow for my 500th daily blog post since launching on February 26, 2015!

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