Letters To My book series

Continuing on my theme of writing to the future is today’s blog post on the Letters To My book series.  

Leafcutter Designs are the creators of the Letters To My book series first referenced in my May 22 blog post on Worlds Smallest Postal Service.   In that blog post I mention I’ll cover the Letters To My book series in a future blog post.

There are currently seven editions of the Letters To My book series with 2 more editions planned.  For my friend who just became a Grandmother she will have to get the “Letters To My Grandchild”!  The books are Letters To My Future Self, Letters To My Baby, Letters To My Love, Letters To My Grandchild, Letters To My Mom, Letters To My Dad, and Letters To Me, When I Group Up”.

Letters To My Future Self

The image above upper left is from the first in the series entitled the “Letters To My Future Self” edition.   The book is by Lea Redmond and was released in March 2014.  In the description on the Leafcutter Designs website it is described as follows:

“Give yourself the wisdom and perspective that comes with thoughtful reflection and the passage of time. Use this set of twelve creative letter writing prompts to start a conversation with your future self.

  • What do you love right now?
  • Where do you want to go tomorrow?
  • What do you never want to forget?

This beautifully designed paper time capsule delivers remembrance, reflection, and plenty of patience. And the innovative letter/envelope format is way more fun than a blank diary. Use it to appreciate the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.”

Letters To Open When

The newest edition “Letters To Open When” is due in mid-July for release.

From the description at Amazon showing July 12, 2016 release date: “Twelve prompted letters offer a meaningful way for friends, family, and long-distance loves to be there in spirit when they can’t be there in person. The gift-giver fills this book of letters with pep talks and good cheer, seals each envelope with a sticker, and gifts this keepsake for future opening. The recipient gets to break the seals to find the greatest gift: their loved one’s encouraging words whenever they need them the most.”

Share Your “Open When…” Ideas Contest!   There is a quick online form you can fill out and you might win a free copy of the Letters To Open When at the Leafcutter website.  

Here’s to having some fun with this very creative style of letter writing!  
Anchors Aweigh,  


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